Wit & Whistle Holiday Cards 2011

I have 2 bits of exciting news to share today!

1Now that Halloween is over I don’t feel weird about announcing that the Wit & Whistle holiday line is now available! I added a bunch of new cards to the lineup this year, but you’ll find some of the best sellers from previous years in the shop too.

wit and whistle holiday cards 2011

2I’m happy to report that witandwhistle.com is now open for business! You can shop for Wit & Whistle goods directly from the “shop” link above, or from the links at the top left. Of course, my trusty Etsy shop will remain open as well.

It looks like I can cross another item off my Twelve by 2012 list!


  1. Shawn

    Love the holiday cards particularly the firry thank you. And congratulations on crossing off another of your 12, You just might make it!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Will! Bright Bazaar is one of my favorite reads!

  2. Els

    Congratulations & congratulations!! ;) What a fun stack of cards! love them! Will definitely be visiting your store often in the future :)

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