Salt & Pepper Saga

This is silly, but for the entire length of our 5 year marriage Daniel and I have had an ongoing disagreement about our salt and pepper shakers. We’ve gone through many shakers during the course of this dispute, and I want to document them here, just for the fun of it.

Our Salt & Pepper Shaker Timeline

salt and pepper shakers

Salt & Pepper Set 1
(acquired circa July 2006)
These were a wedding gift. Daniel claims that the tops of these shakers frequently fall off and dump the entire shaker contents onto his food. I have never had that happen, so I suspect a user error.

salt and pepper shakers

Salt & Pepper Set 2 
(acquired circa June 2009)
The holes in the tops of these vintage owl shakers are too small to let more than one or two grains of salt out at a time. We mutually agreed that although these shakers are cute, they aren’t usable.

salt and pepper shakers

Salt & Pepper Set 3 
(acquired circa June 2011)
These pine cone shakers are my favorite. Daniel says they are too small. I say he insults my cooking by adding so much salt to his food!

salt and pepper shakers

Salt & Pepper Set 4 
(acquired circa October 2011)
For Daniel’s birthday I (somewhat sarcastically) bought him the largest salt and pepper shakers I could find. He said they were too ugly, which is a bit hypocritical since he’s always telling me to value function over form.

salt and pepper shakers

Salt & Pepper Set 5 
(acquired circa November 2011)
I think we’ve finally reached a compromise with these vintage glass shakers. They are just the right size, fully functional, and I like the way they look. Now we can live happily ever after!


  1. DRP

    The vintage ones work the best, I think, and they feel good in the hand. Just the right weight, and you can tell when you’re running low. I remember my parents having a set of these when I was kid. I always got reprimanded for using them as toy spaceships.

  2. Erica Midkiff | Dearingford

    Thank you for sharing this! I just realized that we don’t even HAVE salt and pepper shakers; we just carry the the pepper grinder and the salt pig back and forth from the table like heathens. I see a similar battle beginning in our house…!

  3. bwilliams

    I have the same vintage shakers, although we don’t use the pepper,preferring a pepper mill instead. They are comfortable and attractive to boot. And, we went through several sets before we got ours too!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      We never use our pepper shaker either! Fresh ground pepper tastes so much better. I feel like the salt shaker would be lonely without the pepper shaker though, so I always put them both on the table. :)

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