World’s Ugliest Flower Arrangement

My impatiens were looking scraggly, so I replanted my window boxes today. At the garden shop I had so many winter flower options to choose from—pansies or more pansies. I don’t even like pansies! I think my pansy aversion stems from my hatred of the pansies in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Tips on other annuals to plant in my window boxes next fall/winter would be appreciated!

After I pulled up all the imaptiens I felt guilty. They looked so sad that I gave up on them and didn’t even let them finish blooming. To assure my impatiens that they didn’t die in vain, I trimmed off the blooms and made a crappy scrappy little flower arrangement.

replanting window boxes

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  1. John

    Gardening requires tough love, huh? Sometimes the plants have to be added to the compost pile even though they are still blooming. You might try broccoli or ornamental cabbage although that may be too big for a window box.

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