Twelve by 2012 Recap

Twelve by 2012

Happy 2012 everybody! I’m glad I took last week off, because it gave me time to finish crossing everything off my Twelve by 2012 list! YES! I did it! (Well, I’m only half way through Anna Karenina, but technically my list only said to read it by 2012, not finish it, so I still get to check it off.) Just to recap, here are the twelve things I accomplished in the past 2.5 months. Thank you Danni for the challenge to get things done. Some of these completed projects I’ll be sharing with you in upcoming posts (not the toilets though, because that would be weird).

√ 1. launched the Wit & Whistle e-commerce site
√ 2. repainted the home office
√ 3. finished designing my dad’s latest book
√ 4. cleaned out and organized the coat closet
√ 5. added a few more art prints to the shop
√ 6. re-painted our bedroom
√ 7. acquired and installed new toilets
√ 8. hung house numbers and bird house
√ 9. went on a canoeing date with Daniel
√ 10. finished the photo book of our 2005 Kenya trip
√ 11. introduced charitable products to the shop
√ 12. read Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina

By the way, I successfully kept up with my DIY calendar journal all year, and it is so entertaining to write in it each day and see what I was doing this time last year. On January 3rd last year I wrote “Daniel dropped a large coke from Chick-fil-A on the kitchen floor”—hopefully that won’t happen again this year!


    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      It’s a snarky but helpful wedding planning book for the father-of-the-bride. Apparently my wedding was a traumatic experience for him. ;)

  1. danni / hellofriend.

    I am SO very happy and impressed that you got through your list, well done friend!! I finished through about half of mine.. but will continue to work on it throughout 2012. I am just so happy to have encouraged others to finish some goals, it is nice to get things done. Thanks for participating ! :)

  2. Will @Bright.Bazaar

    Love that you ticked off the whole list – go you! Here’s to a fab 2012 (and no coke dropping today!)

  3. r8chel

    I recently created my own perpetual calendar journal like yours, and I’m really enjoying writing a short memory on it each day. Of course, I can’t wait ’til next year when I have some memories to look back on!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I have really enjoyed it so far! The summary on the back of the book gave away the end, so I’m a little irritated about that, but it has definitely been a worthwhile read.

  4. Cella

    Believe it or not I had just finished reading all your entries, from the very first, and I had this urge to boast about it by posting a comment LOL. I love your website! Love your DIY project, sketches, style and everything else.
    This blog has pushed me to make sketches again for the last 2 weeks now. Thank you ^_^

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Whoa, I think that’s the biggest compliment a blog can receive! :) I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it and that you’ve been inspired started sketching again!!

  5. Johanna

    I love your list, perfect inspiration for me as I start to blog through my 20 things by 2013, eek, let’s see how I go….
    I’m glad you readjusted your goals too as different things took pritority.
    What are your plans for 2012? x

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