We have a roof over our kitchen. Yes, you read that right—a roof.  It’s one of the first things you see when you walk through our front door. I’ve never shown you the roof before, because it’s not necessarily my favorite part of our house. At first I hated the roof with every ounce of my being and had big plans to get rid of it, but it has grown on me over the past (almost) four years. I recently strung some lights around it, and I think it looks a bit better now. I fell in love with this house because it was unique, and what is more unique than a kitchen roof? I might as well learn to love it!

I’m glad I got that off my chest. Does your home have any dirty ugly little secrets?

kitchen roof


  1. Christen

    This. is. awesome.
    Seriously unique and totally fun. You should show it off more often!
    I’m an interior designer and live in Toronto- love your blog!

  2. meg

    how lovely! i think it’s quite charming, but i can see how you might not think so if you live every day with it. i’m glad you embraced it for now, at least, and shared with us! can i ask where you got the lights? i’ve been looking for something very similar, but haven’t found anything that’s not fifty dollars per strand. maybe that’s just the price i’ll have to pay to have adorable lights.

  3. Carmen@Forgotten Fancies

    This is so adorable, it reminds me of a magical mushroom, you should totally add some vines to the lightbulbs and turn it into a forest!

    We have a couple of dirty secrets in our apartment, but it is more due to our laziness. Our spare room is horrid, it is is messy to the point where I wont go in it unless it is necessary, we also have an exposed area under our stairs, there’s so much opportunity to turn it into a storage haven, but we just put junk there and pretend it is not really there…

  4. Alie

    Oh my goodness! I’ve never seen anything like it. You are right – I would absolutely detest it too but I think you’ve worked really well with it, stringing the large bulbs. Now it feels like you’re cooking out in the garden. :)

  5. Mary

    Crazy awesome! seriously, too cute! But, I get it, I don’t have to walk in there for my morning cup of caffeine. However, I am loving those lights and off to buy myself some awesome decorations for my own kitchen. :) thanks for the reference!

  6. April

    I think the kitchen room is adorable, but I understand where you’re coming from. I hate the fact that our entire apartment is carpeted (kitchen and bathrooms too!), and our ugly flower “chandelier” in the kitchen D:

  7. Shelly

    Are you kidding me? It’s awesome! I like it so much i want to see more photos of it =) i love how unique and cafe-like it looks. The lights make it even better! =)

  8. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for warmly welcoming my weird kitchen roof to the blog. :) Oh, and I forgot to mention that the doorway with the curtains had swinging saloon doors when we moved in!

  9. Nicole

    I would hate to hate to clean it, but I think it would be worth it–it is so adorable! I am glad it’s grown/growing on you :) I have added this to my list of “things I didn’t know I wanted but clearly yearn for.”

  10. janis-pinecone camp

    Hi from Vancouver! I found you via Bright Bazaar.
    Your kitchen makes me so happy on this snowy Monday morning. I shoot kitchens for mags all the time, but I rarely see really unique ones. would love to see it in person. Oh, and our home has some ugly little secrets too ;) Must work on them!

  11. SusanB

    My house was built in 1974, I have dark oak thick shingles also, and it is TO go with all the dark oak woodwork and paneling. Avocado built in wall ovens. Be glad we both at least have wood.. I have seen real roof shingles. I moved in in 92, and we did a lot of remodeling, but now divorced, working on it.. and mine have the drywall underneath, around the whole perimeter of the kitchen, and the island, and the overhead vent for the cooktop on the island. They get very dusty.. vacuum is the way to go. I have lived with way too long.. I ripped the bathroom ones out. Yes the bathroom and made it a soffit. A Lot of WORK to drywall! I have a CA ranch, stone fireplace and the house has good bones, a classic.. but everyone says hmmm how unusual.

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