Sketchbook 1.18.12

Here are a few of my most recent sketchbook pages and the process behind my Valentine’s Day card designs. I’m pretty sure I have the sense of humor of a 9 year old boy…

sketchbook 1.18.12


  1. Andrea

    These designs are so much fun!! I love them. You are so talented. I would never get the idea to make cards like that, and even if I did, the wouldn’t turn out so beautiful. :)
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  2. Brandy

    You really inspire me to start sketching my ideas. I find it so difficult to get my ideas rolling, so my question is – Does it come natural to you? Do you always have a sketch book with you for those moments? Looking for any advice.
    Love your work.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Sometimes my ideas come easily, but usually they don’t! I don’t always have a sketchbook with me, but I usually have a little jotter handy. I keep a list of any promising ideas I have, and then refer to the list when I’m drawing. Definitely start sketching your ideas! The hardest part is getting started in a brand new sketchbook. I always leave the first page blank because it’s too much pressure. ;)

  3. Devin

    Love your blog! You are so talented. Do you use a specific pen/pencil for your sketchbook? I’m about to take a trip to Ireland & want to sketch while I’m over there!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks Devin! I think Pilot Precise V5 pens are my favorite. Have fun in Ireland!

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