Gray Office

Here’s the recently repainted office! The walls¬†used to be yellow and orange, but I think I prefer it when the items in the room are the focal point rather than the paint colors. So, I embraced my boring-paint-color-loving side and painted the room light gray. I like it about one million times better now (give or take).

gray office

I took down the video game posters and comic books hanging over Daniel’s desk and replaced them with art prints, but unfortunately his desk is still not pretty enough to make the blog. ;)

gray office


  1. Rebekah

    I’m at the same point! I used colors all throughout the house, and now I’m hating them. We’ll only be here for 7 more months. So it seems pointless, and a waste of time and money, to paint again. But oh, I think I might after seeing these images.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      It’s Whetstone Gray from Martha Stewart’s line of paint at Home Depot.

  2. Eleanor

    What a lovely and calm shade of gray. I love the entire space. I especially adore the circle rug though. The sweet triangle banner of yellow shades and prints is also super pretty, but not too feminine…. since it’s a shared space.

  3. Katie

    I keep coming back to this post over and over again. I love the circular rug and pillows on the couch. Where can I find a couch like that? I’m a new fan and look forward to returning to your site soon. I love your simple, crisp, calming style.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Glad you like the room Katie! I’m not sure where to buy a couch like that new. We found ours on Craigslist. I think Ikea has some similar ones though.

  4. Brooke

    I LOVE this! You did a great job at decorating – the globe on the stand-thing is so cool! And I’m going crazy about the letterpress trays hung on the wall! So neat!

    I have a very odd question! What type of plant do you have hanging from your ceiling? Our apartment has a hook like that and I love how delicate your plant looks! I live in Lynchburg, Virginia, so I think we’d have the same plant-life! (I’m feeling more and more nerdy as I write this lol)

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I’m not really sure what kind of plant it is! It’s similar to the “string of pearls” plant, but the leaves aren’t round. I’ve seen them at Lowes pretty often, so if you have one nearby check there! :)

  5. Kiki

    I love the color! I’ve actually been thinking about painting my room grey for some time now and your office makes it pretty convincing (so thanks for sharing the color!). I’m a little jealous of your ability to incorporate simplicity and details into your space simultaneously. I hope you don’t mind me pinning your office!

  6. Astrid

    How lovely. I found a printers tray at a thrift shop a year or so ago, and haven’t quite found the right assortment of things to fill it with yet. Is that stones in yours? And… arrowheads?
    We just did a room light grey, too, and now I want to do the whole house! :)

  7. Amy@Pikaland

    My walls are grey and yellow too and you are inspiring me to try out a light warm grey for my guest bedroom! :) Having items stand out instead of the walls makes for a great excuse to pile on the art!

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