I’m suffering from EFSPTSS—Etsy Featured Seller Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, that is. What a wild ride this past week has been. I expected to be busy, but I certainly didn’t anticipate making over 1,000 sales in a week! Thanks to my amazing mom’s help I’ve been able to keep on top of shipping orders by spending every waking hour printing, folding, cutting, and making post office runs. My once neat and orderly studio is a bit of a wreck, but I’ve survived so far!

Thank you so much to everyone who ordered, left me a comment, or emailed. I am overwhelmed with the love. I have missed blogging, but to make up for my absence I have something extra special to share on Monday. Have a lovely weekend!

By the way, here are a few Instagram photos I snapped amidst the mayhem.

featured seller madness


  1. Naomi

    Wow, that is BEYOND phenomenal! I can’t believe you actually managed to stay atop that demand, good for you! Oh, look at all those envelops….that is heaven for me.

  2. Jay

    That is absolutely insane, but absolutely exciting. Congratulations! I think that’s every etsy seller’s dream, to make 1k sales in a week. Haha. Well deserved exposure, though, your work is amazing.

  3. Dana Rice

    Your post yesterday reminded me that there were some prints I wanted to order from your shop. I just placed my order on Etsy for the Herringbone and Technicolor prints and am excited to receive them and put them on display. But seriously, No rush…I know you’re swamped. A big congrats to you!

  4. Kasey M.

    Congrats! I hope you + your awesome Mom get to take a lovely rest soon! Oh- and that you managed to spend some time enjoying the success!

    This is the fun part of being an indie business, right?

  5. Devon @ Ebb and Flow

    I literally just stumbled upon your blog five minutes ago…and have since added it to my Blog Lovin’ account, and my fav seller list on Etsy :) It’s always so inspiring to see other peoples success. Well done!

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