A few weeks ago Lullatone’s Shawn James Seymour saw my interview on Etsy and emailed to share his latest album, Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures, with me. He described it as “nice music for creative people to get creative to.” I’ve been listening to Lullatone nonstop since then, and I love it right down to the song titles. I had to share, on the off chance that you guys might enjoy this music as much as I do! I think my favorite song is “checking things off a to-do list early in the morning.” It could probably make any task seem whimsical and fun, even if you were just scrubbing the bathroom floor. You can stream the album below or listen (and purchase!) on Lullatone’s website. Thank you Shawn!

Oh yeah, and how sweet is this music video? Perfection!


  1. Snowii

    So creative and fun! :) Love the concept. Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures is a wonderful title. My journey feel like one now! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Maja

    This is so beautiful. One of the main reason why rarely leave the house without my Ipod, is wanting to have music in my ears when I come across fun situations, or see strangers doing something that makes me smile…So much nicer with music in the background.
    And the title really is fun!

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