Painting Date Night

Daniel and I have a hard time coming up with creative date ideas, so we usually just end up going out to eat, putting on our PJs, and watching a movie. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not like we’re going to look back in twenty years and reminisce about one of the 1,000 times we ate and watched a movie together.

Over the weekend I was cleaning out my studio a bit, and I found a bunch of blank canvases. I decided that it would be fun to make a painting together. I chose three paint colors so we wouldn’t end up with a big rainbow-y mess, and we rotated the painting every 10 minutes or so to make sure we both worked on every part of the canvas. Considering that Daniel doesn’t have any painting experience,¬†we only spent about an hour on this, and we did no planning whatsoever, I think it turned out surprisingly well! It was entertaining to see Daniel wielding an artist’s brush and worrying that our paint palette was “getting to be such a mess.”

We enjoyed ourselves, and it was a great way for me to loosen up for once and not stress about how the finished product would turn out. I definitely recommend doing this if you are itching for an out of the ordinary date night!

painting date


  1. Jessica @ Decor Adventures

    My husband (also named Daniel) and I actually did this once before we were married. We make 2 paintings together. He’s an artist so I had to woman up! It was sweet, and this is a nice reminder that we should do it again soon :-)

    Your piece is amazing, I really love the colors, nice choices.

  2. dana

    I actually really like what you ended up with! Weird how some things just work out.
    Glad you had fun, and it’s a great idea!

  3. Monika (MB Captured)

    Wow, you guys should be proud of it, looks awesome. What a SUPER DOOPER cute idea too. I really love it. I’m going to give this post a shout out on FB & Twitter too! Maybe get the creative juices going for other couples (on valentines day). Xx

  4. Dana

    What a fun idea! I can totally identify with your typical date night scenario. It’ll blow his socks off next time he asks what I want to do and I give him a different answer. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Chez Us

    We are just like you two love birds; dinner, pjs and movie on the iPad. YAWN! I love this idea … neither of us are painters but it could be a fun way to make a piece of art of our new house. May head to the art store today ….

  6. Erica | cupcakes & coffee breaks

    Oh, wow. That’s beautiful, and totally looks like something I’d actually buy! Not that my art tastes are very sophisticated or anything, but I sadly fear that my attempts at this would definitely be a lot more messy. Nonetheless, what a great idea, and I’m jealous of your new amazing artwork. I’ll definitely have to get my boyfriend to try this sometime!

  7. Tam

    This is by far the most amazing, relevant date-like-art-project I have ever come across. It’s like art school teamed with romance. What a beautiful idea, thank you for sharing! x

  8. Zedpea

    A great idea! Definitely a different kind of date to the normal ones, and maybe you’d want to hang it on the wall afterwards (or at least keep it in a cupboard for memories…).

  9. Jamie Snow

    I absolutely love your blog and have become some what of an addict now!! I think this is a fantastic date night idea and I can’t wait to try it out with my boyfriend!!!

  10. Meagan

    This is a great date idea! My non-artsy boyfriend is always asking me to make him art but we have very different styles. This is a perfect way to mix the two!

  11. Loren Disotell

    This actually brought a really wonderful early childhood memory to mind for me. Obviously not about an art date, but certainly about collaborative artwork. My mother was an artist and I remember many such collaborations when I was younger as she encouraged my own artistic abilities. I still own 23 of these works, and can think of at least 19 others still with other members of my family. There may be others. I think I should write a book about them.

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