Gouache Practice #1

This year I would love to add some hand painted designs to the Wit & Whistle lineup. I want to use gouache, but since I’ve only used it once before I need some practice. Gouache is like watercolor, but the colors are opaque (unless you keep adding too much water like I do). I’m going to practice my gouache-ing for five weeks and show you some of my paint doodles each Friday. So keep me accountable, and badger me if I don’t follow through. Hopefully after all that practicing I’ll be Queen of Gouache!

gouache practice lettering


  1. Johanna

    That looks awesome, could you please write a post about how gouache works, you know the basics for someone i.e. me who wants to get into gouache? One of my friends recommended it the other day but don’t know too much about gouache. And, don’t really like diluting my watercolours too much, so I might be the perfect gouache candidate!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Sure, I will do a post about that after I’ve gotten all my practice in. :)

  2. Libby

    Gouache looks great. In all the magazines I get, everyone’s like, “oh yeah gouache wow” but I never knew what it was closest to–whether it was more watercolour or acrylic. So like Johanna I’d really appreciate a post sharing a bit more about getting started with it!
    Anyway, your design looks lovely.

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