Mother’s Day Cards 2012

Wit & Whistle Mother’s Day cards are in the shop! My new favorite is this perfectly sweet ranunculus design I made with gouache and pen and ink. It’s printed on paper embedded with wildflower seeds so your mom can plant it. Just tell her it’s a DIY bouquet.

Wit & Whistle mother's day cards

All the old favorites are back too, and some of them even got a facelift. See the rest right here!

Wit & Whistle mother's day cards


  1. Julie M.

    Really beautiful stuff! You’ve inspired me to start sketching again. I’d love to get some of the nature sketches into our business homepage. Looking forward to more from your blog!

  2. Monique

    The big baby head is perfect for my mother in law as she talks about how big my husbands head was! Thanks Amanda! My order is in!

  3. Kristen

    Okay those wildflower cards were just TOO good to pass up! I even bought one for my Aunt and my Mother-In-Law (I don’t normally send them cards), but I thought, why not?! More pretty cards for everyone! :-)

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