Pinterest Meetup

After turning off my alarm in the morning the first thing I do is check Pinterest on my phone…while still laying in bed. I’m a total pin-head. Is anyone else suffering from this affliction? If so, the North Carolina Museum of Art is hosting a Pinterest-themed meetup next Thursday evening! Basically it will be a bunch of people that love Pinterest chatting about how awesome it is, making Pinterest-inspired projects, and eating snacks. There will also be a panel discussion, and I’ve been invited to be a panelist! If you’re local it would be great to meet you there. You can purchase tickets right here, and the rest of the details are below. I’m really excited to find out what we’ll be making… I hope it’s a terrarium (maniacal grin).

NCMA Pinterest Meetup

Now I kinda want to start a club called the “The Pin-Heads”. We’d sit around doing DIY projects, baking, making crafts, and generally being creative… in a tepee filled with pillows and twinkle lights.


  1. Shawn

    Sign me up for “The Pin-Heads” I particularly like the tepee filled with pillows and twinkle lights idea. Though my craft may mess up the pillows, I am not too neat. We actually had a play tepee when I was little, so much fun.

  2. Kp

    Fiance actually made a rule: no pinterest in bed. It’s probably for the best interests of our own sleep schedules, but the warm glow of the blackberry screen showing me how i could organize my closet with toilet paper rolls or 10 new ways to use cottage cheese… it was all just so, so comforting.

  3. Jenna K

    I LOVE pintrest. Especially when I am just searching randomly and find one of your ideas. Then I feel super special and important. I really just want to comment every time that happens “I KNOW HER!!!”. :-)

  4. Kiki

    I love the Pin Head group idea, especially the name. I live on the West Coast, but it sounds like the meetup will be tons of fun!

  5. Chrystina

    Totally know what you’re talking about – that concept of waking up and grabbing for your phone first thing… except my guilty pleasure of choice is Instagram :) So awesome that you get to be a panelist, have fun!!!

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