Manly Stuff

How about something manly to balance out all the girly stuff in my previous post? I spent all day Saturday in my dad’s garage making something awesome (to be revealed on Friday). Dad’s garage has always been a mysterious place. As a kid I used to perch on a wobbly wooden stool at his workbench and watch him make things with wood, motors, saws, soldering irons, batteries, LED lights, and brightly colored wires. Once he attached a plastic clown head to a motor and wired it up to a huge battery. When he switched it on the clown head spun around and around. It was delightfully creepy.

Dad’s garage would be the perfect place to play a game of I Spy. Here’s what I spy! See if you can spot these items:

a plastic horse
“The Duke”
a machete
a toy tractor
the license plate from my first car
a paint can opener
a hardhat
a bicycle pump
an old portrait of my mom

Dad's Garage


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