I know you’re supposed to tie a string around your finger to help yourself remember something, but that doesn’t work for me. Instead I draw (or in this case stamp) a little ant or spider on my hand. Every time I glance at my hand throughout the day and yell, “Ahh!!! Get it off! Get it off!” I remember why I drew it there in the first place. It works like a charm!

how to remember - ant stamp

how to remember - ant stamp


  1. meg

    this is too excellent. i’ve tried the string thing before, but it usually ends in “nooooo i was supposed to remember SOmEThING… but WhAT??”

  2. Sarah P

    I do this too! I’m currently wearing off last night’s shopping list. I’m a hard core visual learner, so seeing myself write it helps a whole lot, and writing it on my hand keeps me from losing the list. Love the ant!

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