Cardboard Crowns

Someone special is turning 4 today—Mabel! Oliver’s 6th birthday is in a few weeks, so I made them little crowns (from toilet paper tubes, spray paint, and twine) to celebrate the occasion. They seemed to think the crowns were some kind of weird punishment, but since I bribed them with treats they let me snap a few photos.

toilet paper tube crowns

toilet paper tube crowns

toilet paper tube crowns

toilet paper tube crowns

toilet paper tube crowns

toilet paper tube crowns

(Oliver and Mabel are both schnauzer/poodle mixes.)


  1. Jenna K

    So funny! I love them…I can barely even remember when it’s Mia’s birthday let alone celebrate and we have no idea when our cat was born. I did put a baby onesie on the cat yesterday to make myself laugh, that’s kind of the same thing right?

  2. adele

    this is so cute and it’s just in time for our little 3 legged friend (persian chinchilla) named chilli’s 6th birthday on the 7th of september! thanks for sharing and happy birthday oliver & mabel! xxx

  3. Kristen

    Those are the cutest crowns I think I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh and those DOGS. THE. CUTEST. I love that last picture so much! I’m going to try this idea for my kitties!

  4. Dana

    It’s my dog’s birthday today as well! I am totally going to make her a crown! this is hysterical!
    She will hate it….but perhaps with lots of treats?

  5. kate

    Oh my goodness! This is fantastic! I hope you don’t mind but I may have to borrow this idea for this year’s Christmas card, which always features our dogs.

  6. Miss B.

    Lol, I guess great minds think alike! I just shot my naughty Frenchie with a crown on her noggin for her b-day on the 18th. She was great about it, she didn’t try to take it off but my other pup acted like I was going to murder her. Happy 6th Mabel!

  7. Erin

    LOL…i love your little pups. This is so cute! I’m totally doing this to my dog when his first birthday comes around!


    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I got it on Etsy a looong time ago. I can’t even remember which shop! There are a tons of great ones if you do a quick search though.

  8. Cassandra

    Hmmm… Mabel looks like a Tibetan Terrier. It’s not a very well-known breed, but my husband and I love ours (he’s from the pound, nonetheless!) You kinda have to dig on the Internet to find a picture of one that is cut short, but you never know… Maybe Mable will get “upgraded” from Mutt status (not that we would love our pooches any less or more for pedigree). :o)

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