Peanut Butter Balls for One

I get excited for Christmas when September arrives, so I’ve been craving a Christmassy dessert lately. Peanut Butter Balls are my holiday go to, but my recipe makes a zillion and calls for an entire pound of butter (no wonder I start every new year with muffin top). After a little experimenting I’ve found the perfect peanut butter/butter/powdered sugar ratio to make only THREE peanut butter balls! It takes 5 minutes, and they’re perfect for when you’re craving a super rich dessert, but don’t want a bunch of leftovers hanging around to tempt you later.

peanut butter balls single serving

peanut butter balls single serving

peanut butter balls single serving

A plastic fork with the center two prongs snapped off is the perfect chocolate dipping tool. It allows the excess chocolate drip right off.

peanut butter balls single serving

The chocolate isn’t nearly as shiny and smooth as it is when I melt it in my double boiler with a little paraffin wax, but it really doesn’t matter what they look like…

peanut butter balls single serving

because I’m going to promptly eat every last one of them.

peanut butter balls single serving

Just for the record, dear Ohioans, these are not buckeyes. To be a buckeye a peanut butter ball must have part of the peanut butter center left un-chocolate coated, and I think that is a wasted opportunity! ;)

Here’s the recipe!

4 teaspoons peanut butter
1 tablespoon softened butter
1/4 cup (slightly heaping) powdered sugar
1/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips

Stir together the peanut butter and butter until they are well combined and smooth. Stir in the powdered sugar. Roll the dough into three balls. Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave, and coat the peanut butter balls in chocolate. Let the chocolate set and harden a bit (stick them in the fridge if you’re impatient), and enjoy!


  1. Lindsey

    Oh yum! My grandma (an Ohioan) makes buckeyes every Christmas. For a little added goodness she adds very finely crush graham crackers to the peanut butter.

    1. Pam S.

      Lindsey, my mother-in-law makes peanut butter balls (sans the buckeye; she’s from Illinois). I believe she uses crushed grahams too. They’re always my most favorite :)

  2. Amy

    ohhh my goodness! I love peanut butter balls, but hate making a full load of them, primarily because my boyfriend and I are sweetaholics and they will be devoured in a day.
    I am so happy you have provided the recipe for a few at a time.

  3. Kaytie

    Haha – before I finished reading your post I was going to comment, “those aren’t peanut butter balls, those are buckeyes!” but I am from Ohio after all. In btw. love your idea with the two prong fork dipping, it looks so much simpler than my usual toothpick version. :)

  4. dana

    I am thanking both you and the gods of portion control! This is so perfect! And Gluten-free with the right chocolate!

  5. Leigh

    oh dear me! you just don’t know how happy this post has made me today… i always have the quandry: “make too many? give them away… nah, don’t have time to mess with it…”
    THIS IS PERFECT!!! thanks!!!

  6. Karen T

    I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you. I share your feeling about peanut butter balls and Christmas and the saving grace has been that I only eat them once (at most) a year. Until now …

  7. Michelle {LiveLoudly}

    This is the first thing my mom and I make for Christmas goodies. We’ve added a couple thing variations over the years. We now crumble up Golden Grahams (cereal) into the mixture. So good!! we also do white chocolate ones now.
    K, now I’m craving them already.
    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}

  8. Chrystina

    I’m so excited that you took the time to perfect this. I’m not even THAT huge of a fan of peanut butter (I know, I know – something’s wrong with me), but I kind of want to try this now just because it looks so practical for “those” dessert nights. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Debbie Fish

    Yummy! I just made these but being lazy and a chocolate lover that hates to waste, I tried something a tad different… I roughly chopped the chocolate chips and mixed them in with the sugar…very yummy, I can imagine with them chocolate coated they are probably better but these are delicious!!

    1. AngiePanda

      I was just thinking of doing that myself! Then your comment sealed the deal…I’m off to the kitchen right now. It’s only midnight LoL

  10. Mandinga

    Buckeyes are the best! And… yes, I”ll make them with a little bit of peanut butter sticking out.
    Hey…. how did you know that I lived my first 22 years in Ohio?!? :)
    Thanks for the individual recipe!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      If your butter was melted instead of softened that could be the problem, or if you are using natural peanut butter that is runny that would make them too soft to roll. You could try refrigerating the dough for a bit to solidify it before rolling.

  11. Emily

    Guys, fair warning: Don’t make this! You will become addicted! Lol, they were delicious, and now I feel sick from eating about ten xD

  12. Kat

    My husband and I are both OSU grads so I had to have something to make tonight’s big playoff game against Oregon special. This was PERFECT! I whipped it up in no time and no leftovers to tempt me tomorrow. Thanks!

  13. Annalise

    Hi! Thank you so much for making this! I skipped forming the individual balls altogether and just mixed the peanut butter mixture with the melted chocolate, and popped it in the freezer. It tasted amazing. With a little cream they could have been the perfect ice cream. ;)

  14. Keven

    I’m a huge fan of single-serve recipes because they are just plain practical. I want to be able to make whatever I’m craving without wasting ingredients or having to deal with leftovers. This particular recipe caught my interest because I had a huge craving for a quick dessert, and I love chocolate and peanut butter. And, I’ve got to hand it to you – this recipe is awesome! It met my every expectation for a practical single-serve recipe; it was quick, left no mess, appropriately portioned, and delicious. I was able to make it just now with a single bowl and a paper plate. The only real bad thing is that you have to wait for the chocolate to resolidify! I also want to note that I made a minor change to the recipe -substituting the 1/4 cup of semisweet chips with 1/8 cup milk chocolate chips and 1/8 cup of peanut butter/ semi sweet chips- because I don’t really like the contrast between bitter chocolate and sweet things. With this change, for me, it was sinfully delectable. Rivaling Reese’s, this recipe will help me satisfy any craving that I have for chocolate and peanut butter in the future.

  15. Hope

    I just made these with a slight twist~ Yesterday I made a small cake for myself; I needed to give myself a moment of calm to recharge in the face of the second half of the week and baking proved to be just the trick. I made a 6″ cake but neglected to halve the frosting I made- a 1:1 chocolate to cream ratio ganache, chilled and whipped. I’m not complaining about having extra rich, delicious chocolate sitting in the fridge, but I was snarfing down spoonfuls every time I walked past the fridge (I believe I’ve taken the trash out 6 times in the past 24 hours). Now I have no problem eating the whole bowl, but for propriety’s sake I thought I should turn it into something a little more reminiscent of an actual dessert. One with, you know, portions. Since I wanted to control myself, I was looking around for single serving dessert recipes and stumbled upon this article and your site.
    I switched the recipe up a tiny bit by heating the butter and peanut butter before adding the powdered sugar. I also added a pinch of sea salt ( I found my peanut butter a tad sweet) and a dash of vanilla bean paste. I chilled this in the fridge while I scooped three 3/4″ scoops of ganache and quickly rolled it in my hands into balls. I popped those in the freezer to firm up a tad. Once they were cool I wrapped them in the peanut batter and rolled them to smooth them. I rolled these in a dusting of cocoa powder and/or powdered sugar. After a minute in the fridge they are a wonderful chocolate-peanut butter treat! I can see why you needed to find a way to make the right amount- I would eat as much of this stuff as I could find!
    I am so happy I stumbled onto your site- everything here looks absolutely wonderful! Thank you for all of your hard work; I can’t wait to sit down and pore over everything!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Your twist sounds delicious! So glad you found my site, thanks for your kind words! :)

  16. Pam

    These were great! Thank you for an easy and satisfying dessert. So happy to have this in my back pocket now for anytime I need a lion pb and chocolate in my life!!

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