Spider Appreciation Day

This time each year our home is shrouded in spider webs. Hundreds of spiders flock to our house at night to build webs in the light of our great room window where there are moths aplenty. It’s kind of inconvenient to walk into a spider web every time I step out my door, but I have to admit that spiders do beautiful work. Don’t get me wrong—I’m still going to scream every time I end up with a web wrapped around my face, and any spider that crosses our threshold will most certainly be squished, but I can appreciate their creativity. Have you ever watched a spider build a web? It’s quite mesmerizing.

spider appreciation day

spider appreciation day

spider appreciation day

This 3″ long fella is loving the chevron stripe trend!

spider appreciation day

spider appreciation day

spider appreciation day


  1. kami cozzi

    All the spiders you photographed are the garden variety- there are many “types” of spiders and all of yours are either orb weavers or garden types – I wish we had those at my house- at least their webs are pretty and they are never dangerous – mine are the giant fuzzy jumping spiders or the poisonous brown widows :P ps- i realize i sound spider crazy but yes i squish any in my house too.

  2. Aubrey

    This is so funny. JUST this morning the hubs and I were mezmorized at thus incredible spider web that had magically appeared between our two parked cars over night. Amazing photos!

  3. Shawn

    Fantastic pictures. I love their creativity and how quickly they can get those webs up. Sometimes it seems as though they are trying to catch us!

  4. Coley

    These pictures are so neat!!! i love how you captured these. I thought you should know I had a dream last night that I got bitten by a giant colorful spider…and I blame the fact that it had something to do with reading this post earlier yesterday! haha.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Aww, well at least it was a colorful spider! :) I woke up this morning with 2 spider bites on my arm, so now I’m kind of mad a them. That’s what I get for appreciating those jerks, they sneak into my bed and bite me!

  5. Erin

    Ha! This is cute. Spiders are, in my opinion, one of the worst creatures on this planet, but I agree. I am blown away by their intricate designs. Upon closer examination, even the messy webs are structurally neat.

  6. Anna

    Amazing photos! On Saturday morning I went into our garden and counted 7 of these webs hanging from our washing line, was quite spectacular and I spent ages admiring the intricate work, unfortunately I just couldn’t get the photos to work out. Feel so guilty when you accidentally break them and destroy all that hard work!

  7. Heather

    We have a plethora of spiders right now as well. I like it when they decide to live on our patio door because then we can see the shadow of spider and web enlarged on the blinds by the sun. It’s like our own little shadow puppet art made by mother nature.

  8. Linda Leyble

    Hi Amanda…

    Count me in too as a spider web watcher. My husband has been bring me out every day to look at a web in the front and a web in the back. Incredible! He suggested I do a blogpost on it. I told him I couldn’t until I get my new lens which will help getting these types of shots. I hope my lens comes before the spider web goes!!

    These webs are so strong too – we had a tornado watch a few days ago here on Long Island and the winds were really strong. It’s amazing how they survive harsh rain and wind. Nature is amazing. But – I agree on the ickiness of the spider webs …if I miss seeing it and I walk into it. Not a fan!!

  9. Marie Rodela

    I once had a friend who would spray paint them white and then quickly touch it to a black paper. Very pretty!

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