Hand Lettering Practice #5

Here’s my final lettering practice post! These 5 weeks flew by, didn’t they? I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my process. I think I have improved a lot since week 1, and that makes me just a little bit giddy! I’ve fallen in love with hand lettering, so I imagine my sketchbook pages will be filled with it from now on.

Thank you to everyone who joined me and shared your work over on Pinterest. You guys are amazing! I’ll be leaving the community practice board up for the foreseeable future, so feel free to keep lettering. I know I will!

sketchbook hand lettering

sketchbook hand lettering


  1. Whitney

    That lower ‘happy holidays’ is fantastic!!! You’re definitely leaps and bounds from where you started, though really I think you started at quite a good place anyway.

    I’ve also loved seeing how everyone has improved as they’ve been posting too, so I’m really glad you’re leaving the board open.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks Whitney! Yeah, it’s really exciting to see everyone’s practice paying off.

  2. Coley

    I love the thanks a bunch card! I made a card similar to that too! love your hand lettering…i’ve been practicing, just haven’t been posting (oops).

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