Prodigal Farm

For seven years the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association has organized an annual farm tour event in our area, but this is the first year I’ve heard about it! There were 23 farms (producing everything from vegetables to honey bees) offering tours over the weekend. Daniel and I only visited one farm, Prodigal Farm, a 97 acre former tobacco farm that is now home to a herd of 200 well-loved dairy goats. These are lucky goats. They’re living the goat dream!

dairy goat farm

dairy goat farm

This little girl kept trying to nibble my cheek with her funny goat lips.

dairy goat farm

Instead of barns, the goats shelter in empty school buses filled with hay. Herds are rotated each week by loading the goats into the buses and driving them to fresh pastures. So clever!

dairy goat farm

The super old farm buildings on site make Prodigal Farm a historic landmark, so it’s protected farmland.

dairy goat farm

After getting our fill of goat snuggles we toured the dairy to see where they do the milking and cheese making. I can’t wait to try the cheese and chocolate goat cheese cheesecake we got!

dairy goat farm

And this is just to prove that I accomplished #1 on my 28 by 29 list.

dairy goat farm


  1. kristin

    Sounds like a fun time! Love the goats! My grandfather had a couple and I loved petting and talking to them. :) Good job French Braiding your hair…looks great!!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks! I thought my arms were going to fall off from holding them up for too long. ;) So cool that your grandfather had goats! I wish I could have a little pigmy goat, but my husband isn’t keen on the idea.

  2. Jenna

    Goats are the best and you should totally get some to go with your chickens! Then you could have fresh goat cheese every day. Mmmmmmmmmmm

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Oh cool! I’m glad I won’t have to drive all the way to the farm to get more cheese. ;)

  3. Chris

    Gah, they’re SO cute! I love the sound they make. I grew up in rural Australia and I always wanted a goat, but my parents never bought me one. I settled on stray sheep as pets… They were cute too, kinda..

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Me too! When we were leaving the farm the whole herd was standing by the fence bleating. It’s such a funny/sweet sound. Sheep are pretty cute too! :)

  4. Erica

    We were there as well. Loved playing with the goats and the cheese, as usual, was to die for. A wheel of Hunkadora and a honey crisp apple is the perfect snack.

  5. Dawn

    I shared this post with my students to help with Comprehension of a story we were reading and they loved it! We even made and ate goat cheese-cheese cake that I made for us. Great post. Thanks for sharing so I could too!

  6. Kat

    Hi, Amanda, I just stumbled across this yesterday – what a lovely posting! I just shared it on our fb page. Glad the goats were good little hosts!

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