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A while back I got this copperplate calligraphy instruction book by Eleanor Winters. After flipping through it, I realized I would need one of those funky-looking oblique pens to achieve the super skinny and big fat lines characteristic of copperplate. I just got the pen, and it’s so strange! Using it is like learning to write all over again. I now have even higher respect for the calligraphy-saavy. I’m plagued by wobbly letters, but I really like dipping the pen in the ink. I pretend I’m signing the Declaration of Independence every time I dip.

oblique calligraphy pen

oblique calligraphy pen

oblique calligraphy pen

oblique calligraphy pen


  1. Nancy

    You should definitely try Eleanor Winter’s book.I took her Copperplate 1 class this year through Society of Scribes. The book reflects exactly what she taught in class. It gives you a better understanding of Copperplate calligraphy.

  2. joni

    i’m taking melissa eplin’s “i still love calligraphy” course online! I learned to write with the oblique pen :) though i’m not a pro at it…..LOVE her class.

  3. Laura

    “this pen is weird” – whenever I practice lettering, I always write what I’m thinking too. :P “I’m hungry.” “something smells funny.” “I wish I were wearing socks.” looking good!

  4. Dondrea

    I actually prefer the oblique to the straight pen holder. My first calligraphy instructor taught me using this holder, so it feels the most natural in order to get the proper strokes. Just remember “54 degree angle,” and you’re all set!

  5. Deirdre | Oh Well Whatever

    How fun!! Looks like you did great, I like the character to your hand lettering.

    My Mom was a beautifully talented calligrapher and I will always be in awe of that talent. I have always wanted to pull together some of her supplies and give it a try. Just wish she were still around to give me some lessons.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Oh, you’re lucky to have calligraphy in your blood. You should definitely try it!

  6. Sarah {Daily Design Inspiration}

    Is it terrible that, even though I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy, that pen stops me dead in my tracks? I can’t image it ever feeling “normal”. Kudos to you for actually picking it up and trying! Maybe … just maybe I’ll get over my funky-awkward-pen-fear. :)

  7. Linda Leyble

    Hi – found you via a comment you made on Bright Bazaar. I love your items and your blog. I have been thinking about taking a calligraphy class (found one online yesterday). I could have used it awhile ago – as someone asked me to do an address on a plaque and she wanted and Old French script and for the life of me – I couldn’t find the graphics she wanted.

    Oh well…maybe a good thing since it’s not what I really do anyway.

    I am off to look at more of your blog!


  8. Kelly Cummings

    I just took a copperplate calligraphy class from a local teacher (in Birmingham, AL, Deb Warnat for anyone from here who is interested!) about a month ago and am loving hand lettering! I already did some playing around with a straight holder and nibs, and I never thought I’d get to be any good at any sort of actual standard calligraphy. I still have some improving to do but I LOVE it!

    Also, is that the Principal nib? (That’s my favorite so far!)

  9. Hien

    I loveee your handwriting! How do you dip your tip into the ink in that bottle? & Do you mind making a video or tutorial on how you use the pen? :)

  10. Mireya Pizarro

    Nice… I was wondering if I should try this. I love love the lobster and use it tons in my work but I think maybe I should practice my type and develop my own handwriting style. Yeah I would love to see a video too. Hey did you dye your hair? Your pic looks different. It is a very nice picture by the way.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      You should! It’s really satisfying. Yeah, I dyed my hair red last spring! I like it but still can’t get used to it so I’m going back to blonde pretty soon. :)

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