House Plant Identification

A while back I was asked to write a post identifying all my house plants, so here it is! It’s a little overwhelming to see them all in one place. I might be a crazy plant lady. It doesn’t seem like I have so many when they’re spread out around the house! (By the way, this is how I keep them alive.)

house plant identification

1. aloe
2. christmas cactus
3. philodendron
4. snake plant
5. donkey’s tail plant
6. lemon lime plant
7. begonia
8. silver philodendron
9. string of bananas plant
10. jade
11. angle wing begonia
12. swiss cheese plant
13. z plant
14. chinese money plant


  1. Stephanie Wheeler

    It just kills me that I can’t keep plants around my house. My cats will devour them, and it’s not worth the A) money and B) wondering what I’ll find on the floor when I get home.

    Lucky you, your plants are beautiful!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Yes, it is fragile. I have it on the coffee table, and whenever it gets bumped it loses a few leaves. I’ve had it over a year now and no plants have grown from the fallen leaves, which makes me sad! I always tuck them into the dirt hoping for new sprouts. I think it might not be getting quite enough sunlight. Do you have a donkey tail plant too?

    2. Shari

      Oh my yes! New plants will sprout & root. Burros tail is fragile but I continually start new pots to give away.

  2. Morgan Ashley

    I do! And I always tuck in my leaves too, but nothing grows… I have mine in a recessed part of the credenza, and the slightest budge breaks leaves—and my heart. I’d love to have more of these little plants (to give to friends or keep myself), but I’ve yet to have it happen.

    I also have a Christmas Cactus and it gives me the hardest time. Can you tell me: How much water and sun to you give this plant—like really? If you had to put a number to it all, what would you say?

    1. Sandi

      I believe the answer for Christmas cactus is benign neglect! I have a 6 year old Christmas cactus that is huge — it fills a 10 inch pot that has the self-watering bottom. The leaves actually spans over 16″ frm side to side. I spray the leaves with the hose and fill the bottom reservoir about once every two weeks and then I ignore it. As long as the leaves remain healthy looking, I don’t water any more. Less seems to be more. It thrives in a bright but shaded part of my covered patio (east facing but out of direct sun) until the weather drops into the 30s or the buds are ready to open. After checking for “critters” who might hitch hike on the plant, I bring it inside to flower. When it begins to get too messy, it goes out in the garage until the temperature moderates and it goes back to the porch.

    2. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Yes, I agree with Sandi! Don’t love your Christmas cactus too much. :) I water mine a small amount (maybe about 1/4 cup) about every two weeks, or whenever the soil feels dry. I have mine in a bright room (inside all year), but it doesn’t get any direct sunlight. It’s actually a start I got from my in-laws’ older plant last year. I’m hoping this year mine will bloom since it hasn’t yet!

  3. Sophie

    oh my goodness, you cannot begin to understand how much I appreciate this post! I live in Boston and at the beginning of the summer, I decided to test out my green thumb and buy some house plants. So far, I’ve been mildly successful. I have a snake plant, which are impossible to kill. My philodendron is doing fine, though it’s been outside all summer so I’m hoping it will last now that I’ve brought it in. I’m having trouble with my jade and lemon lime plant though. They’re both in front of a window. I started watering once a week, and that didn’t seem to go over well. The lemon lime has some brown spots but for the most part is okay, but my poor jade is so sad and I can’t figure out why! I’ve tried watering less, moving it around…the leaves are sort of wilting and the stems are drooping…it’s not happy. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      My lemon lime plant seems to do better in lower light. Maybe move yours away from the window a bit? My jade plant is looking scraggly too! I think it hasn’t been getting enough light all summer. We don’t get a ton of light coming in when the trees are full of leaves. I’m thinking it will perk back up in the winter when more light streams in our windows. How long do you leave it in a new location before moving it again? It seems like my plants take a few weeks to perk up if they like the new spot I put them in.

    2. Sarah

      Mine is on a sunny window sill, it gets watered when it looks droopy as AI forget. It has been flowering throughout July!

  4. Camilla

    I’ve been wanting to adopt some houseplants and bring them into my home but I think i’ll need to de-clutter first. Or maybe I’m just saying this because I’m nervous to bring them in and kill them. I kill succulents. I can keep a wonderful vegetable garden but houseplants somehow confuse me. I really love the string of bananas plant.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Oh I kill my succulents all the time—they’re bratty. Don’t be nervous! Small houseplants cost the same as fresh cut flowers, and flowers only last a week. Even if your houseplant dies eventually it will last longer than a week. Besides I like it when my plants die, because then I get to shop for new ones. ;)

  5. Karissa Ferguson

    I absolutely love this post! Your photos are beautiful as are your plants. I’ve been really wanting to get a Sansevieria, didn’t realize it was also called a snake plant. At least now I’ll know how to say it at the nursery! There is a nursery just a two minute walk from my new apt, it’s a dream. And now 13 more plants are added to my list :) Thanks for this post!

  6. Soyoung

    I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest! Love that this is such a beautiful and useful post. No only if I could figure out a way to keep my cats from nibbling on all things leafy and green…

  7. katielicht

    i saw this on pinterest and I’m so glad I clicked through! this is such a great post. and overall, I just love your blog! i’m a big fan of hand lettering so it’s fun to see your process work in your sketchbook.

  8. margaret

    Love seeing your plants…i too am a houseplant lover. have sooo many that my dear husband has had to put in shelving under the railing of our loft so that i can put all the plants there…watering is difficult, but manageable!…jades have shallow roots, so don’t overwater and you are right about the christmas cactus….pure neglect! happy house planting!

  9. Katie

    Oh man, I know your feeling. I feel like a crazy plant person too – I have so many! One thing – I’m pretty sure number 10 is the chinese money plant, not 14. Great collection though and congrats on keeping them all alive!

  10. Amy

    I love Plants so much, that I have too many. I’m actually giving away about 8-10 of them, because when it gets time to bring them inside, it’s a really headache. The main reason being that they are some of the larger ones that I have. The Pothos and Philodendron that I have seem to be the hardiest plants ever, besides the snake plants that I have. I love to go shopping at Lowes when they put their plants on clearance. I always am on the lookout for something new to grow though, too. You’re plants are beautiful!

  11. Faith @ Ordinary Mommy Design

    Love this! I need low-light plants. This year I purchased a silver philodendron, two snake plants, and some sort of low-light cactus. The cactus seems very delicate, if it’s bumped pieces fall out. The snake plants seem super hardy though, and I love them!

  12. marlie graves

    I’m an interior horticulturist, working on putting a series of house plant care tips on Stop by, see if anything is helpful, or leave questions for me. By the way, sanseveria is the botanical name, snake plant and mother-in-law’s tongue are both common names. That’s why, at some point when you get into plants, you’ll probably want to use the correct botanical name to avoid confusions.

  13. PERLA

    Hola Amanda yo vivo en mexico en el estado de tabasco es una ciudad que tiene un clima tropical húmedo la mayoría de las plantas son de agua pero por el tanto sol porque las tengo afuera en el jardín tengo que regarlas a menudo y batallo con los hongos y manchas en las hojas saludos me gusta tu sitio

  14. Kim

    I love your blog! Where do you buy most of your plants? I really like the swiss cheese plant, z plant, and chinese money plant (so different).

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks Kim! I find most of my plants at Lowes, Home Depot, and local nurseries. If you go every month or so they’ll always have a whole new selection of plants to browse through since they frequently get new shipments in.

  15. Daniella

    I’ve been searching everywhere for a Chinese Money Plant… where did you get yours? Have you seen them in many places? (I live in Los Angeles, if this information helps at all). Thanks!

  16. Patricia

    how do I propagate an arrowhead plant (syngonium)? I have one that is too large & needs to be bushier. Cut a few leaves & put in water? Thanks

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I’m not sure, I don’t have an experience with arrowhead plants. It wouldn’t hurt to try that propagation method. :)

  17. Lauretta p

    I love plants too they make your house really pretty I have a problem with little flying bugs in my plant I tried everything I could to get rid of but they just keep coming back can someone help me help

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