It’s Raining

I always struggle with motivation on rainy days, especially cold rainy days. Today I summoned all my will power, ┬ádrank a steaming mug of cocoa (piled high with marshmallows of course), and grabbed my camera to get myself going. Such beautiful ripples and raindrops, although I’d trade them for snowflakes in a heartbeat!

rain photography

rain photography

rain photography

rain photography

rain photography


    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Wait, do you put the marshmallows on top or the whipped cream on top? I guess that’s a good dilemma to have!

  1. Jamie

    Amen, sister! I do love my rainy days, but motivation on rainy days consists of moving from my bed to my ugly comfy reading chair and parking it for the day with a book and tea. Not too bad! I also agree, bring on the snowflakes already!

  2. Leigh

    I love your blog – I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with it for the past few months. You post such beautiful images with equally beautiful intricacies. Just wanted you to know!

  3. kiki

    As someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, rain is usually seen as anything but beautiful and extraordinary. Your photos, however, are beyond beautiful and they make me want to perfect my raindrop photos!

  4. Michelle {LiveLoudly}

    I hear ya! I’m not a fan of the rain. So unmotivating. Best part…. I live in Rain City Vancouver lol. I’ve learned to pretend it’s not there. We have decided to eventually move to a sunnier destination – woohoo.
    Love the beautiful photos. Especially the one of the leaf in the water. Almost looks like ice.

    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}
    Health Coach

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