DIY Kraft Paper Gift Wrap

Three years ago I bought a massive roll of kraft paper for wrapping gifts, and so far I’ve only used about half of it. It’s the cheapest, best wrapping paper EVER! It’s recyclable, it matches everything, and you can use it plain or customize it for the occasion with paint markers (white and silver Sharpie paint markers are my favorites). Stars for Christmas, hearts for Valentine’s Day, balloons for birthdays… Really anything looks great drawn on kraft paper!

DIY kraft paper gift wrap

DIY kraft paper gift wrap

DIY kraft paper gift wrap

DIY kraft paper gift wrap

DIY kraft paper gift wrap

By the way, the gift tags are available in my shop right here!


  1. kate

    I love it too! Took some advice from a good friend who mentioned buying the paper at the hardware store instead of the craft store. They sell huge rolls in the hardwood flooring section for a fraction of the price you’ll find in any craft store and online. I paid $9 for 1500ft.

  2. KWu

    I’m trying to use the white oil-based Sharpie paint marker but on the brown kraft paper, it doesn’t look like white at all, it just looks like I’m drawing with water or something. Any tips?

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      My white paint marker didn’t show up very opaque either. It’s kind of a milky whitewash with the brown paper showing through. If no paint is coming out whatsoever you could try pushing the tip down on paper for a few seconds at a time and sorta bouncing the marker to get the paint to soak through to the tip.

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