The Giving Grandpa

Happy New Year! Yesterday I started my third year of writing in the calendar journal I made in 2011. I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it for this long! Check it out if you’re looking for a less daunting way to journal.

I’d like to kick off 2013 by sharing my Dad’s latest book. The Giving Grandpa (available here) is a series of anecdotes my dad wrote about his grandpa’s life in the hills of West Virginia. Dad asked me to come up with a cover design, so I combined a bit of hand lettering with some barn wood scraps left over from building my coffee table. The result is rustic and simple, but charming!

The Giving Grandpa book cover design

The Giving Grandpa book cover design


  1. Gina

    What a fun collaboration! I love the cover.

    I recently started keeping a gratitude journal on a calendar, and you’re right. It’s MUCH less daunting than an entire book of blank pages.

  2. Laura | Paper & Honey

    One of my goals for this year was to start a notecard journal! What’s taking me so long is finding a recipe box I like enough. :)

    That cover is fantastic and so you! How great to have a client so close and personal. Does your dad love it?

  3. Mnêmosunê

    The cover is wonderful ! It should be great to collaborate with someone you love so much…
    A beautiful experience…

    The calendar journal is a good idea, I’ll try to make mine.

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