New Zealand Clips

Here’s the last bit of New Zealand trip documentation—a bunch of random video clips we took along the way!

Spoiler alert: How adorable are those ducklings? Our last morning in NZ we sadly packed up our things and prepared to leave Lake Tekapo and head home. When we opened the campervan door we found a row of fuzzy ducklings there to see us off. They were so friendly (like everyone we met in New Zealand) and practically climbed up into our hands. I thought about tucking one into my carry-on, but sneaking a kidnapped duckling through customs would probably be tricky.

Music: Growing Up by Lullatone


  1. dana

    It was a glorious adventure. So happy that you shared tidbits with us. As a 6 decade adventurer, I hope to pick up the trail where you left off very soon. Always enjoy seeing what you are up to. Peaceful journeys.

  2. Lynne

    I stumbled across your blog after seeing your beautiful living area on Pinterest. How awesome for the very first post to be a video capture of my beautiful homeland. I’m so glad you had a wonderful trip :-)

  3. Irena

    Thank you very much for this cute video! I was looking also at your photos from NZ, and the land looks amazing. Thank you for sharing!

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