My New Dustpan

I’ll bet you’ve never read a blog post about a dustpan before, but that’s probably because you’ve never seen a dustpan this cute before! I had to stop at World Market the other day, and I found this little guy¬†hiding in the corner with the cleaning supplies. I already have a dustpan, but it doesn’t smile at me, and I’ll try almost anything to make cleaning more fun.

smiling dust pan

mustached dustpan…

smiling dust pan

smiling dust pan

I’m off to spill something all over the floor so I can sweep it up!


  1. Trix

    Ahh I just pinned this the other day! It should be compulsory for all household appliances to have faces on them, that would make cleaning up so much better.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Aww sorry Jay! Your first comment got marked as spam for some reason. I rescued it from my spam folder! :)

  2. Nicole

    I feel like there needs to be a missy mop or something of a girl variety so he doesn’t get lonely. He’s too dashing to live alone. (I think I’d probably end up sticking bow ties or hats around him to photograph, he looks like he has a lot of style promise ;) (double bracket, not good, I know, had to add, a hat on his hanging hook and this little guy would definitely be on display as the newest member of the house)

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