1. Emma

    You have such a wonderful sketching style. I’m jealous of how you seem to sketch a lot too… I can only seem to do it for projects, not just fun…

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I really have to make an effort to draw for fun, and not just to come up with new products. Whenever I watch TV I have my sketchbook in my lap. Multi-tasking at its finest! ;)

  2. Julia

    It’s fascinating how many of us completely understand your migraine sketch. Me too! But, my favorite sketch here is the zombie ones! It’s like me finally recovered from a migraine!

  3. Marangelie

    I actually already purchased both the love bug & guts valentine’s day cards! I love them! even cuter in person! can’t wait to give them in a couple weeks.

    Thanks for letting us into a bit of your process!

  4. Kim

    The migraine one reminds me of sketches I’ve seen in Oliver Sacks’ book “MIgraine”. The artistic interpretation is interesting, and gives some hints as to what is going on in the visual cortex during a migraine. On a happier note: I love your Zombie card!!! :) and your terrarium sketches are super cute.

  5. Emily

    Okay I am in love with 2 of these! The migraine one and the Love bug. I think the love bug is really cute and unexpected. I totally get the migraine one. I am lucky and I rarely get them now but I used to get them badly when I was a teenager. My whole family has migraines.


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