We had a beautiful snowfall here on Saturday! Big featherlike flakes floated down like remnants of a celestial pillow fight. I couldn’t resist the urge to make a little video. My dog, Mabel, is probably the only one who gets more excited about snow than I do!

Watch in HD over on Vimeo for the full snowflakey goodness.
The music is “listening to raindrops knocking on a window” by Lullatone.


    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Wow, thank you Amy! There are tons of things I suck at, I just don’t post them on my blog! ;) Maybe I will sometime. That could be an interesting post!

  1. ByLightOfMoon

    I adore your snowfall video! We got 6 inches two weeks ago and my dogs did the exact same thing running and playing in the flakes and snow! I loved it too!
    Your video is awesome! I posted our photos on my “ByLightOfMoon” Facebook page and put a photo of our cabin on my blog! Thanks for sharing your snowfall!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  2. Emma

    Oh my gosh, your dog looks like a little fluffy sheepskin bounding around like that! I’ve never had the chance to live where it snows, it looks lovely… how do not get so distracted you dont do any work?!?

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Well, I definitely didn’t get any work done while it was snowing! It was way too beautiful! :)

  3. Liz

    What a lovely video! Where I live, snow is so frequent that sometimes I forget to enjoy the beauty of watching it fall. Thank you for sharing! Also, thank you for introducing me to Lullatone… I noticed it in your NZ video and immediately checked it out. I’m in love!

  4. dana

    I am behind on my blog reading and just read this. I love this video! I live in LA now and really miss snow, and watching your pup go nuts was great. My dog loves the snow as well, so I try to take her to see it at least once a year she is 14 and still acts like a puppy when she feels it under her paws. :)

  5. lucent imagery

    That is just adorable! I’m determined to take my dog to the snow one day so he can experience the fun for himself. We don’t get snow in cities here in Australia so off to the mountains we’d go. Your footage is just beautiful.

  6. Sederiya

    Loving the video! It brought a smile to my face. I’m shooting my first video this weekend, but am now thinking that maybe I should’ve shot something a bit more simple first. But gorgeous work!!

  7. Bekah

    Oh my goodness this was such a small treasure in my morning…err afternoon! Watching it reminded me of the “moment of nature” segment on the end of CBS Sunday Morning. Thanks for the moment!

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