Bringer of Spring

When I was a little girl my dad taught me that spring was on its way when the hepaticas bloomed, because hepatica meant “bringer of spring” in Cherokee. More recently I found out that he made up that bit of trivia, but for years I remember digging down in the dry leaves each winter looking for the little blue blooms that would announce the arrival of spring.

If any flower is going to be dubbed “bringer of spring”, I think it should be the crocus. Mine are popping up in full force! Earlier this month I noticed the tips of their leaves peeking out of the dirt and threatened to stomp them, but now that we’ve had a little snow I suppose I can accept that spring is coming.

crocus bloom spring

crocus bloom spring

crocus bloom spring

crocus bloom spring

I laid under our very prickly (ouch) holly bush by the street to snap these photos. I wonder what the neighbors driving by were thinking. Sometimes having a camera in hand compels me to do strange things!


  1. Sandy

    Oh, that’s a crosus to me. Love them, and they are the start of spring for me also. Once they bloomed, it would snow one last time and then start to warm up. They don’t grow as well in the south :(

  2. Sue Ellen

    What camera do you use? You should make a photography tutorial or something for beginners! Your pictures are always so lovely.

  3. Kelly J. R.

    After I picked up my wedding dress from the store I put it on and went out into my yard to snap some photos. I had my camera propped up on a ladder with the timer set and kept running around trying to get some good photos of myself. My parents were on vacation and I wanted to send them a photo. I’m sure my neighbors thought that I was a little cuckoo that day! LOL.

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