Easter Cards 2013

I just added a couple Easter cards to the shop!

I think Jesus is sad each Easter when we put more emphasis on a basket-wielding bunny than on remembering the sacrifice he made for us. So, I decided to skip the expected bunny card in favor of something with a little more meaning. This pun-y cardĀ is a light-hearted reminder of what Easter is really about.

easter card jesus dyed for you

I also drew up a more traditional card (you know, one your grandma might like to receive). I loveĀ dogwood blossoms!

dogwood easter card


  1. Jenni Bailey

    That Jesus card is hilarious! I might not send it to my grandma but I would definitely send it to my fun-loving Catholic mother in law. She would get a kick out of it.

  2. Frau Kirschkernzeit

    Well, I LOVE the Jesus-Card! It’s so great that not everybody has forgotten what he did then… And you gave the picture such a sweet and light expression, which helps to see the happiness in the whole thing; He died, yes, and it was hard. But we can cerrish now the freedom and the hope and security he made possible for us through his sacrifice… Thanks for showing your artwork here; you’ve such a nice place here and I like what you make…
    Bora from Switzerland

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