Mother’s Day cards, Father’s Day cards, and More

My Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards are available now! The new designs are pictured below (including a couple other new items I just added to the shop), and you can check out my complete line of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards right here.

Just a reminder that I’ll be selling my goodies in Durham this Saturday from 11-7 at the Rock & Shop Market. I hope some of you can stop by, because I’d love to meet you! Now, on to the new paper products…

Placenta Mother’s Day Card—Because placentas are funny and weird, and some people like to eat them, which is also funny and weird.

father's day mother's day card wit and whistle


Baby Head (C-section) Mother’s Day Card—By popular demand, a c-section edition of my Baby Head Mother’s Day Card.

father's day mother's day card wit and whistle


Cheesy Card—This one started out as a Mother’s Day specific card, but really it’s great for any occasion. Get a little revenge on that person who always sends you super sappy, gag-inducing greeting cards. Make sure to check out the inside for the punchline… punchdrawing?

cheesy father's day mother's day card wit and whistle


World’s Coolest Dad Father’s Day Card—My dad doesn’t believe me when I tell him that his thick nerd glasses from the 70s (and 80s… and 90s…) are cool again. So, this one’s for him.

father's day mother's day card wit and whistle


You Don’t Suck Card—A little something for all those up-and-coming graduates or anyone else who requires a bit of congratulating.

congratulations card wit and whistle


Make Something 8 x 10 Print—I hand lettered this print for my studio. It’s the perfect kick in the butt on days when I’m not feeling particularly inspired and need a push to get creating.

make something today even if it sucks print wit and whistle


  1. Jenni Bailey

    Just ordered cards for my mother and mother in law. And that Make Something print too because the empty space above my desk has been begging to be filled with exactly that sentiment. Now I just need to sew a curtain for the window next to said desk so that my neighbors wont be peeping in when I attempt to make all that stuff (and hopefully it won’t ALL suck). ;)

  2. Heidi

    I love the placenta card!!! I am almost compelled to get it for myself from my daughter (she’s a year and a half and though she’s clever, she still can’t navigate her way through an online checkout). Love your work!

  3. Lila Smyth

    You had me rolling with the mother’s day cards! Thank you for that. I also am a little in love with the print. I think I need it for the office i am setting up!

  4. Amanda

    I love these! Two friends of mine have an ongoing joke about not eating their placenta and feeling inadequate. I had to snatch these up for them!

  5. Lisa

    Love the make something print. I’m a designer as well and have been in a rut for quite a while now and that was great inspiration to see! So often I don’t want to make anything unless its perfect or meaningful… When in reality you just need to start and do something and everything else will fall into place. Great print!

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