Shade Garden Plants

Lately all I’ve been doing is working in the garden and shipping Mother’s Day orders. Speaking of which, thank you for the tremendous support! There are going to be lots of happy (or possibly horrified) mothers out there when they receive their Wit & Whistle cards next weekend!

Taking breaks from filling orders to dig in the dirt is keeping me sane. I’ve been working on my shade garden, and I thought I’d share the plants I’ve added (just in case any of you fellow shade dwellers are stumped when it comes to gardening). Now that I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have a full shade yard, it’s really not so bad. There’s actually a nice variety of shade plants available.

coralbells shade garden plants

coralbells shade garden plants

coralbells shade garden plants

hellebore shade garden plants

hellebore shade garden plants

euphorbia shade garden plants

rhododendron shade garden plants

hosta shade garden plants

japanese painted fern shade garden plants

solomon's seal shade garden plants

I just now realized that Solomon’s Seal probably wasn’t named after Solomon’s pet seal…

This isn’t really garden related, but I have trouble getting grass to grow in our shady yard. Last fall I sprinkled a bag of white clover seed around the yard, and now we have a fluffy carpet of clover leaves coming up! I like the look of the round soft leaves much better than grass.

white clover


  1. Chris Pridmore

    Your Rhododendron looks pretty and should add some nice colour to your mostly green garden. I used to have Tiny Tims and Hellebores.. They were very easy to look after. The clover bed looks magical… there’s something about the flat tops that makes me imagine a little civilisation living underneath… and that I destroy when I walk through it, causing mass destruction and chaos.

  2. emily

    i have a shady garden too, and this was super helpful since i plan on spending the better part of my weekend adding plants. i love, love the white clover seed. I’m going to have to try it this fall!

  3. Dee

    Thanks for this! About half of my yard is shady and I’m always looking for plants beyond hosts to grow there.

  4. kate

    2 words for you: Toad Lilies. I have a lot of shade in my yard and my go-to plant is the toad lily. They’re super hardy, love shade, and the flowers look like orchids. The best part is that they bloom after most everything else is done for the season (late September-mid-October). They come back bigger and better every year and they require NO maintenance.

  5. Casey

    Beautiful photos! Your photos always make me miss the occasional rainy and wonderfully gloomy green days of the east (although I can’t deny that I also love the endlessly sunny days out west).

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