I’ve disappeared for a while, because our beloved little dog, Mabel, was attacked by a loose pit bull last week while we were out on a walk.

schnoodle pit bull attack

I considered recounting the entire experience for you in vivid detail, but as you can imagine it was incredibly violent and traumatic. I’m hoping to forget the details. I’m hoping to forget the way my sweet little dog ran as fast as she could but wasn’t quick enough to escape, my fruitless attempts to rescue her limp body from those vicious jaws, the smell of her blood drenching my clothes, her frenzied screams as I carried her into the hospital, the sound of my phone ringing again and again, always with more bad news…

There is one thing I need to remember though. The kindness.

Kindness from the dog-loving neighbor I’d never met before, who kept a cool head and drove Mabel and I to the emergency veterinary hospital. She didn’t even seem to mind that Mabel bled all over her clothes and car, and has texted me every day since the attack to check on Mabel’s status.

Kindness from the nurse who put her hand on my shoulder and reassured me when I was shaking so badly that I could barely initial the permission form to allow Mabel’s treatment.

Kindness from my mom, who sat with me until Daniel got back into town and cried along with me as I received all the excruciating details about Mabel’s injuries.

Kindness from the owners of the pit bull that attacked Mabel, who took responsibility for what happened, put their dangerous dog down immediately, and came to our house in tears to apologize and offer to help in any way they could. I feel no anger toward them for what happened, just sadness for their loss.

Kindness from Daniel, who loves Mabel just as much as I do and is feeling every bit of the same pain. He thoughtfully held back certain details from me so that I could sleep that first night after the attack—like the fact that Mabel’s heart stopped for a moment during surgery and that the doctor had promised to call during the night if she started crashing.

Kindness from our families and so many friends offering support, prayers, and even leaving flowers, cards, and goodies at our front door.

This has been the most gut wrenching experience of my life so far, but God has taught me through it. In the past I’ve had difficulty knowing how to act toward people who are suffering. I always thought if I were in a similar situation I would want everyone to leave me alone, because they couldn’t make me feel better anyway. I never realized that when someone is suffering loss or pain, reaching out is not about making them feel better, being able to help, or even saying the perfect comforting words. It’s simply about making them feel loved and letting them know that you care about their heartache. Any thoughtful word or gesture of kindness, however small, can accomplish this. I regret that it took such a traumatic experience for me to learn this lesson.

pit bull attack wounds

So how is Mabel?

On Friday Daniel and I thought we were going to lose her. She was lifeless under a pile of blankets at the vet and didn’t even recognize us. They couldn’t bring her body temperature up. We spent the day crying and praying. We started referring to her in past tense. We tried to decide what we would do with her body.

That night I did nothing but pray. I told God that if she pulled through, I would give him all the credit, because I knew it would be a miracle. She was clamped between that pit bull’s teeth for so long, the damage was so extensive, she lost so much blood, and she is so tiny. How could she possibly survive without God stepping in?

My phone rang at 7:30 Saturday morning. Daniel and I jerked out of bed, both afraid to answer it. By the time I said “hello?” my whole body was trembling. The voice on the other end sounded upbeat, and I was dazed for a moment. Mabel’s vitals were normal and had stabilized. She was slowly starting to improve.

Now Mabel wags her tail when she sees us and licks our hands to greet us. Today she stood on her own for the first time and took a few wobbly steps. It’s going to be a long recovery. The doctors have warned us that bite wounds can be unpredictable for the first few weeks, but they’re hopeful and so are we. We’re praying that God will heal Mabel so we can enjoy her company for many years to come. If He doesn’t, I have peace knowing that we gave her the best life she could possibly have. We never took her unconditional love or sweet personality for granted, even for a second.


Update: Two months later Mabel is recovering well. Here’s a video update!



  1. Emily

    Oh, this post brought tears to my eyes. What wonderful news that she’s doing better. Praying for your peace and her swift recovery! Wish I could pet her.

  2. Amy

    Oh my gosh, this made me cry as soon as I started reading. I’m so sorry this happened to you and sweet little Mabel! My dog and I had an encounter with a loose, aggressive, larger dog and I’m still traumatized even though she was ok. I’m sending tons of good doggy-healing thoughts in her direction, and I hope she’s better- and home- soon.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      So scary! From now on I will never walk my dogs without pepper spray and a stun gun.

  3. Meaghan

    I’m crying right now. I am so impressed by your ability to find all of the good in such a horrible and scary event. I’m sending positive tail-wagging healing thoughts to Mabel so she can be back home, happy and healthy where she belongs very soon. XO

  4. Sarah B.

    Wow. I’m totally teary eyed, and so glad Mabel is improving. What an awful thing to have happen. It must’ve been so traumatizing to experience… Can’t imagine seeing my beagle like that. :( Hoping for continued improvement!

  5. Melissa

    This totally just made me cry. As a pet owner myself (with two very bratty cats), this breaks my heart!! :( It’s amazing, though, how resilient and strong animals can be (especially compared to humans)! I’m so glad to hear Mabel is getting better and I’ll be praying for her speedy recovery. Kisses to your sweet girl, she’s absolutely adorable.

  6. Mandy

    This has me sobbing all over my keyboard. You are so wonderful to acknowledge the positive in this horrible situation. Poor, sweet Mabel. Please keep your blog readers posted on her recovery! Needless to say, we’re all pulling for her.

  7. Bethany

    I’m definitely crying right now. My heart breaks for you! I’m praying for you, Daniel, and Mabel and hope everything turns out wonderfully!

  8. Riley

    My heart hurts for you and sweet little Mabel. The love we have for our furry little children is a powerful thing. Prayers for a speedy recovery and that you may forget all the painful details. Love to Mabel!

  9. Dawn

    Oh wow! What an experience.My thoughts and prayers are going out to you guys. May Mabel recover quickly and without pain. May God be with you and the owners of the pitbull. Please keep up posted on Mabel’s recovery.

  10. Dana

    Awwww… So heartbreaking. We have a cat and I can’t imagine how I would feel if something bad happened to him. God is great, though, so I pray for recovery – for all of you. I was just in Cary last night and was wondering how you all were doing. Thank you for the update!

  11. Leyla

    I held my breath as I read this post and hestiantly read to the end hoping for a positive outcome – I am so relived to hear she survived this awful attack and is making a recovery – amazingly resilient! I had to hold back the tears and my heart aches for what you have gone through and are still going through – best wishes and huge (gentle) hugs to Mabel for a speedy recovery form another devoted pet lover. I am sure she will will be on the mend soon and happy to be back at home where she knows she’s well loved and looked after. x

  12. Marjory

    Tears. In awe of your words and the beautiful feelings you express here. Bless you for loving your Mabel so dearly and bless you for the wisdom that you share with all of us. Mabel is in my Prayers. May she heal well. AHO

  13. Sara

    So glad Mabel is recovering!! Started crying reading the ordeal and so sorry you guys had to go through this! It’s amazing how much we end up needing these little creatures in our lives…

  14. Kimberly D.

    Amanda, I’m so sorry you, Daniel, and Mabel have to go through this. I had to put my 15 1/2 year old cat to sleep 4 months ago due to stage 4 kidney failure, so I understand some of the hard decisions you have to make in a situation like this and the heart-wrenching emotions that come out of it. I’m so glad to hear Mabel is doing better, I was afraid as I was reading this that it was going to end much different. Like others, this brought tears to my eyes and you wrote beautifully about such a hard thing. I will keep you all in my prayers (especially Mabel), and I love that first photo as Mabel looks so sweet!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      So sorry about your cat, Kimberly. I know that was so hard. Thanks for the prayers!

  15. Melissa

    This is so heartbreaking! Sending love & prayers to you & Mabel. As the owner of a tiny dog myself I cannot imagine the horror of going through such a traumatic experience. Stay strong & know that we are all here for you. xoxo

  16. becky

    I had been checking your blog daily after I saw “family emergency” on your etsy shop; my husband and I were both worried for you. I’m so sorry. I cried for you and Mabel reading this. I hope she makes a full recovery! <3<3

  17. nicola

    I just cried and hugged my little pup after reading that. That’s a big fear of mine. My dog trusts everyone.

    Fingers crossed for a quick recovery for Mabel.

  18. sharyn

    I was very sad to hear about your poor sweet Mabel. I hope she is now on the mend and I am sending my prays for her.

  19. Meg

    Wow, love your blog and it’s my first time commenting but after reading your story, I was compelled to. I’m crying right now…we had an experience with our cat a few years ago that was just as traumatic. We went through terror and prepared for thend worst. Somehow, through it all he improved and is same sweet, loving cat today. Thank you for sharing and wishing Mabel a speedy recovery!

  20. Dana

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful perspective, Amanda. I have no doubt that God’s using you and Mabel to touch the hearts of others through this experience. Lifting you all up.

  21. sharon

    My heart is aching for y’all and I’ve been sending Mabel get better thoughts all evening. I sincerely hope she recovers and has more time to spend with her adoring family. My dog is my world so I can imagine what an ordeal this has been for you. You’ve shown us all a bit of grace by being able to find the positives. Big hug to you.

  22. Paula

    We are sending good thoughts and lots of dog kisses from our house! As an owner of three small dogs this is my biggest fear – thank you for sharing your experience.

  23. Jools

    Sorry that your sweet little dog has suffered so much but she is strong and resilient and much loved! Looking forward to seeing her bouncing around again soon….xxx

  24. Caryl Lyons

    Oh I’m so sorry. This just breaks my heart. Your Mabel is just the sweetest. We have a mean dog that lives a couple of doors down from our house and he is scary. We have a sweet havenese and I couldn’t imagine anything happening to him. Sending lots of prayers to you and to your sweet Mabel. God works in amazing ways.

  25. Tiffany B

    I cried the minute I started reading the post. I had saw your twitter post last week. I kept hoping she would pull through. I am also a small dog owner. My heart goes out to you and your doggies! Keep us posted.

  26. Linda

    My goodness, what an emotional story. I am just so moved! Thank you Lord for saving this darling little dog and thank you so much Amanda for sharing your moving, heart felt story and for your testimony. Hoping that this darling little dog is completely healed. Love to you all from Australia!

  27. Dondrea

    Thank you for sharing the important lesson you’ve learned through this terrible ordeal. My prayers are with you as you work with Mabel through her recovery. And I’m also praying that she makes a full recovery! Big hugs.

  28. Leigh

    Oh gracious… i am so very sorry that attack happened. your account brought tears to my eyes &, as a fellow animal lover, my heart goes out to you & Daniel. I do hope that Mabel obtains a full recovery! it’s amazing how much determination can be in small dogs ~ especially when love is involved. it is always sadder to me when bad things happen to animals and children because they can’t fully understand what has happened to them & it is just scary & painful; there is no answer to the “why?” look in their eyes. I know Mabel feels your love & that she will do her best to reflect it. Consider yourselves hugged & a gentle nuzzle for Mabel.

  29. Aunt Laura

    Amanda i am so proud of you. Thank you for sharing. That is a wonderful testimony of God in your life. I admit I have been angry at the owners of the pit bull and you have shown God’s love for them. We pray for Mabel everyday. God says that all things work together for those that love Him and that doesn’t always mean that it turns out how we want it, but how God can use it for good in our lives. You have shown that in this post.

  30. Ali

    Amanda, that was so well written and immediately brought tears to my eyes. We have been thinking about you and checking your facebook for updates this past couple days. I too understand the love you have for your babies and the sadness we all share because their little lives are too short for how much joy they bring us. Hoping you get to share a few more wonderful years with your sweet Mabel. She’s lucky to have parents like you. Much love and support coming your way!

  31. Debi

    Amanda, I have tears streaming down my cheeks reading your entry. How horrid for you both!! I’m so glad to hear Mabel is progressing. I know she has a long road ahead, but with loving parents and God’s grace she will continue to improve. You are all in my prayers!

  32. Jayme

    My heart goes out to you, Daniel and sweet Mabel. I noticed your Etsy shop was away and I have been hoping everything was ok. This breaks my heart. I’m so sorry. Wishing Mabel a speedy recovery and sending love.

  33. charlotte | the vintage vogue

    Oh my goodness. I can’t tell you how much I sympathize with you – on so many levels. When I was 11 I watched as my dog got loose from our house, ran into the street and was run over by a car. She did not survive. My own son went into septic shock and was resuscitated a few years when an unknown infection spread through his whole system. What can you do but feel helpless, powerless? I felt God’s presence first hand during that time and through the people who, as you so beautifully noted, showed their love and kindness. I’m also one of those people who struggle with how to react to other’s sufferings but God’s helping me look outside my self and my insecurities and see their need.

    You moved me to tears today. Thanks for sharing your story and you, Daniel and sweet little Mabel will be in my prayers. God is the ultimate healer :)

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks so much for sharing Charlotte, and for your prayers. Hugs.

  34. Erin

    Ugh this is just so heartbreaking. All my thoughts are with you and little Mabel. I’m glad that she is ok right now and I hope she just continues to get better. <3

  35. Christine

    Your post brought me to tears and I don’t even know Mabel, I just know how much my own dogs mean to me. Hoping for a full recovery for your darling pup :)

  36. Katie

    Oh my. What a terrible ordeal. I’m so giving God praise that Mabel is with you still and wagging that sweet tail. I don’t know what I would do in that situation – except go to my knees as well. My dog Roxy (on my website if you care to see) is my 4 legged baby. Prayers for you all!

  37. Angie

    Daniel and Amanda, I am so sorry. Amanda and Jordan told us about Mabel last week. I stopped the very moment I heard of it on the phone and said a prayer for her. Amanda has kept us up-to-speed on how she is doing. Thank you for sharing this story. My face is wet with tears for what happened to Mabel but also for you and Daniel and what you had to go through this past week. We just lost our 17 YO Ginger about a month ago, and though she was sick and old it was an upsetting week. Hope each day gets better.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks so much for the prayers Angie. So sorry to hear about Ginger. :(

  38. Aubrey

    Amanada, I just ached reading your words and Mabel’s story. It broke my heart in so many ways and I truly hurt for you and your precious pup. I’ll be thinking about Mabel and wishing for only good news.

  39. Lisa A

    I’m so sorry about this horrible incident! It’s lovely that you can see the good in it all, and write such a touching story about it. Dogs can surprise us with their resiliency. Years ago we had a dog on the brink of death that made a miraculous recovery I can only attribute to God. I wish the very same for your beloved Mabel. She is adorable!!

  40. Sara

    I am so sorry to hear what has happened to your puppy! What a terrible, terrible experience! Your story absolutely gave me the chills because my dog and I had a similar run-in with a loose pit bull in our neighborhood, but we were lucky that the dog gave up and went away before either me or my sweet dog were hurt. I still have no idea what changed that pit bull’s mind that day. Your family and Mabel are in my thoughts today. I’m sending prayers for Mabel’s quick recovery.

  41. molly

    so sorry to hear this… and thought i’d share that basically the same thing happened to me,

    my family’s mini schnauzer was attacked by two pit bulls and watching it happen and feeling like it was my fault, wanting to break it up and feeling so helpless. it lasted just two minutes but totally the scariest moment of my life. and the drive to the vet – oh man. same thing, holding spike wrapped up in that blanket but sneaking looks at the scariest wounds id ever seen, knowing he’d be dead soon.

    but he lived! these little dogs are scrappy! spike ended up living for another 6 years after the attack (19 all together) and had a lot of nerve damage in his back legs and some gnarly scars but that was about it. he walked just fine, he just was a big shaker.

    you’ll get through this. :(

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks so much for sharing your story Molly! It gives me hope. I so hope that we have Mabel with us for 19 years.

  42. Kp

    Oh my goodness – sending good ju-ju vibes to Miss Mabel for a speedy recovery. How traumatic. The reflection you’ve given this experience is really remarkable. I’m rather sure I’d still be in the “uncontrollable rage” point, but Mabel needs love and kindness, and you’re gathering that for her so well.

  43. Casey

    So sorry to read this. I am tearing up right now just imagining the horror of such an event. I have two dogs myself and they are my world. I keep thinking about the times we have had run-ins with loose dogs (once, we came across TWO loose pit bulls, but luckily they were not aggressive). I hope Mabel feels better soon. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

  44. Louise Knight-Gibson


    My heart broke reading this. I have 3 dogs (one the same breed of dog as yours) and they are my family too. I have been reading your blog for a couple years now and love all of your updates. This one brought me to tears. I’m praying for Mabel and for you, Daniel, and your other puppy. Your outlook and faith throughout this is so encouraging and truly inspiring. I would also suggest (because I feel like we could be friends and raise chickens together :) ) that you find someone to talk to. Trama has a way of sticking with you and it can be helpful to have an unbiased outlet for the bad days. Love to your sweet pup.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks so much for your concern and advice Louise. It means so much. Also, I would love to raise chickens with you. I’m pretty sure most of my non-internet friends think I’m crazy for wanting hens!

  45. Erica

    This breaks my heart. You all are so strong for working through this, and Mabel is such a fighter to be doing so well considering. My thoughts go out to you. I have two pups myself and would just be devastated if anything happened to them. Thinking of you. Get well soon, Mabel! :)

  46. Anna

    I do not even know you, but feel your pain and am in tears responding to you. I will pray for your continued strength and peace and continued healing for your sweet Mabel. I believe God gives us blessings through our sweet animals no matter how long or short they live- I am praying for Mabel to have a long life and to God be the Glory for it!! Bless you for having to endure this!!!!!!

  47. anna

    oh that is so sad. I’m so sorry, just sitting here with tears in my eyes for your pup. That’s such a traumatic thing to witness. I’ve seen it happen and can’t imagine it happening to our dog. so scary. I pray that Mabel fully recovers.

  48. Irena

    When I read this, I just cried. I have four fur babies and my heart would break if anything like this happened to them. I’m praying for Miss Mabel and that she has a speedy recovery. I think it’s wonderful that you can see the kindness, instead of the bad in this situation.

  49. Katy

    I am so deeply sorry that you have had to endure this traumatic event. I love my dogs so very much and I know what it is like to go through tough times concerning their health. Stay strong, better times will find you again.

  50. Rose

    I came across your website by accident and when I read about Mabel I felt so sad for you and thought how distressing to have witnessed it all. I do hope little Mabel pulls through.

  51. Ridgely's Radar

    Oh no. I could barely read this – so worried what you were going to say – with tears running down my face. We have two havanese puppies and this would devastate us. I hope Mabel recovers and lives a long, loving life with you and Danielle.

  52. Laura

    Oh my, this just made me cry at work!
    I just wanted to say that I will be thinking about you guys and hoping for the best, and I can’t ever imagine what I would do if I were in your shoes.

  53. Bekah

    Oh my gosh! I am so, so sorry for all the pain and panic you have been through. My prayers are with sweet Mabel, and I’m really hoping to see an up-coming “welcome back party/post” with that darling puppy wearing a crown because of her bravery. Hugs!

  54. Frida

    This made me cry so much. I feel so sorry for you and little Mable and wish that you all can put this behind you real soon. I know that everything will be just fine :)

    Lots of love and hugs from Sweden.

  55. Heidi

    Oh Amanda, I am so so sorry to read this. I saw that your etsy shopped was closed, and have been thinking about you this week, hoping that everything was alright. I am so sorry that you had to witness and experience something so terrible. I sincerely hope that your little Mabel surprises you with her strength. Thank you for reminding me to be more grateful.

  56. Kristen

    Oh no! I will pray for Mabel to get better and for you and Daniel to have all the strength you need no matter what happens. I’m so glad that everyone has been able to help her so much already and I’m sure she feels all the love of everyone around her all the time.

  57. Allie

    I’m so sorry to read about Mabel, as a dog mom I can’t even imagine what a horrifying experience this must be for you. My prayers and good thoughts are with you and Mabel.

  58. Brandi

    Oh sweet girl, I am so sorry that this has happened. I am sitting here in a puddle of tears so saddened by this and the amount of heartache you must feel. I am also sitting in a puddle of tears because your grace is something worth applauding. I am so happy that you were able to find the good and God in this. He is sovereign. Prayers for every single one of you who were involved in this. Warrior on, Mabel, warrior on tiny girl!

  59. Ginny

    This is truly awful. I am so sorry to read this news. I have two small dogs and don’t know what I would do if anything happened to them. It is very courageous that you found some positives it what was a very traumatic ordeal. My thoughts are with you and my dogs send some puppy love to their fellow friend Mabel ! xXx

  60. Amy

    I really don’t know what to say other than i’m praying for comfort for y’all and Mabel!
    The road ahead will be tough, but totally worth it!
    She is fierce! :)

  61. Brandy

    Beautiful video of sweet Mabel, brought tears to my eyes. Hoping and praying for a full recovery and sending you strength Amanda. What a horrible event for you and Mabel to go through, glad you can see all the kindness and love around you both.

  62. Sederiya

    Thank you for your post. I’m sure you wrestled with the decision of sharing, but I’m glad you did. God always provides us with what we need exactly when we need it. I have a friend who recently lost her mother to cancer and I too wrestle with what to do for a friend in a traumatic situation. I also think that I would rather be left alone and I’ve been worrying with how to console, love, give to her. Hearing your experience helps me to realize to be there and love is enough. Thank you for sharing!:)Romans 8:28

  63. alli

    I had a similar realization lately about people reaching out in times of trouble — it’s less about what they say, and more about the actual act of kindness they show by doing it. Many prayers for you and your sweet pup.

  64. Shayla

    I’m so sorry to hear this… for you, your sweet dog and for the Pit Bull breed; it’s so sad when things like this happen.

    My husband and I will be praying for her recovery.

  65. Elnora

    Oh, goodness, I’ll be hoping and praying for your sweet Mabel’s speedy and full recovery… Your story brought tears to my eyes. You’re wonderful for all you’ve done for her.

  66. Mary

    Oh I’m so glad your post had a positive ending and I pray she makes a full recovery. I can’t imagine what you witnessed and went through for her.

    How were you spared from the pit bull?

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I’m not sure Mary, perhaps by some miracle. I didn’t even think about the fact that I could have been bitten until after the attack. The pit was so focused on killing Mabel that it just ignored me and all my attempts to free her.

  67. Dad

    One super power I wish I had was the ability to wave my hand and make hurts pass right by my children. I can’t do that but know I love you, Honey. I am touched by the kind words from all your friends.

  68. lauren

    oh goodness. i completely lost it reading this… i love my dog so much that i would be devastated if something happened to her. i’m so glad your sweet mabel is recovering & i’ll be praying for a speedy recovery.

    and your words are spot on. when i lost my dad to cancer in october i thought no one would understand so why are people trying to be so nice to me right now… but it’s because they love me and didn’t want to see me so hurt.

    and as hard as it is to see your dog in pain, i’m glad you were safe.


  69. Jenny

    Oh Sweet Mabel – you can do it! Stay strong you spunky little puppy!! Little Miss Birdie girl is saying her canine prayers all the way from Shreveport, LA. xxoo

  70. Michelle

    God teaches us by putting us through these life lessons, and no matter what is the outcome we come out stronger in faith and ready to face the next challenge. Thanks for sharing your heartache and that God listens and answers prayers. I hope dear Mabel gets better steadily. Xox

  71. Mikaela

    This made me cry, thank you for sharing this (especially the part about how to act towards people who are suffering). I can’t imagine the pain you must be going through. I’ll be hugging my little dog extra tight tonight. Sending prayers your way.

  72. Natalie Britton | LIVE TEACH ALASKA

    Tears were coming to my eyes as I read this story. I am so, so sorry that you had to live this traumatic experience. Pets are so much a part of our families, and a part of my hearts. I can’t imagine how your heart was feeling as you went through this. My thoughts are on you tonight. I wish your beautiful dog a speedy, full recovery and you stillness and peace of mind.

  73. Jessica Skrinar

    This just happened to my pup a few months ago, and it is an absolutely gut-wrenching experience. Fortunately, my dog is quite large, so he was able to stem off most of the bites, but I can relate to the fear of how terrible and scary this can be. My thoughts and prayers are with you all! Your blog delivers a little dose of inspiration with every post to me, and even in the saddest of times, I am still uplifted by your positive outlook.

  74. Jenna Belle

    I had your red velvet cheeseball pinned and came to your blog to find it- but ended up in tears over poor Mabel! I have a Borkie and a Bichon who remind me so much of your 2 dogs…. she will be in my prayers! Please keep us posted!

  75. Nicole

    I love all the comments you have gotten already. I am so sorry that this happened to your sweet dog, that sounds awful to go through! But you are so lucky to have so many kind people around you. My prayers are with you and Daniel and Mabel. Your positive outlook is wonderful.

  76. Cara

    Oh my gosh, I was crying reading through this whole post. I can’t imagine what I would do if this happened to one of my cats. I hope she’s doing better, good luck with everything!

  77. carrie

    I love reading your posts have been following you for over a year now and cannot believe the traumatic ordeal. I’m so pleased to hear Mabel is on the road to recovery and she is wagging her tail plenty. I admire your courage and strength to deal with the situation and to even share it with us. I think it’s fantastic how much support you’ve had from everyone, it certainly reassuring knowing that there are selfless, kind hearted people out there in the world.

    I send my love, hugs and a full and speedy recovery. x

  78. Mindy

    I am so so sorry that this happened. We have a dog in our neighborhood that gets out of its yard and has attacked dogs at random. His owners keep insisting that he is a good dog. The other day, my friend was walking her whippet and this dog attacked him. She had to kick and punch the dog to get it to let go. I am always so nervous about taking my dogs for a walk. I cannot imagine what you’ve been through. I can say that you seem to be handling this well. Stay strong. God is good!

  79. Lindley

    Good thoughts coming your way; this is such a difficult time for all of you and I pray all will turn out well. We have a Mabel, too, and a Daisy – our pups are our family. Period. (And yes, we have kids, too.) Please keep us updated on the status of your sweet Mabel.

  80. Madison

    oh wow! i’m really sorry to hear about this incident. i really appreciate you sharing, your expression of faith and trust in the Lord. right now our family is going through a tough time right now with my grandmother’s health and i honestly can’t say i’ve been through anything like this before – suffering of a loved one. and i feel like i can relate on some level now with you… the not knowing, how to care, being sad, etc for someone you see every day.

    this past sunday our speaker shared a quote from john piper that was a good reminder to me and i thought i’d share it with you:

    “Suffering is nothing more than the taking away of bad things or good things that the world offers for our enjoyment — reputation, esteem among peers, job, money, spouse, sexual life, children, friends, health, strength, sight, hearing, success, etc. When these things are taken away (by force or by circumstance or by choice), we suffer. But if we have followed Paul and the teaching of Jesus and have already counted them as loss for the surpassing value of gaining Christ, then we are prepared to suffer.

    This means that if we treasure Jesus, then every aspect of suffering in our lives is losing something we have already declared as loss.

    If when you become a Christian you write a big red “LOSS” across all the things in the world except Christ, then when Christ calls you to forfeit some of those things, it is not strange or unexpected. The pain and the sorrow may be great. The tears may be many, as they were for Jesus in Gethsemane. But we will be prepared. We will know that the value of Christ surpasses all the things the world can offer and that in losing them we gain more of Christ.”

    happy to hear that Mabel is on the road to recovery :) prayers to your family!

  81. Teresa

    I am so so very sorry to hear that. I just want you to know I am praying for her recovery, and also praying for you.

  82. Joan

    Mabel is a ray of sunshine. When clouds and storms move over the sun it takes a while to clear. Tears visited my cheeks and my heart tightened when I read about the horrific experience you all endured. Love, support and blessings of healing to you all. This too shall pass xo

  83. Liz

    Poor little Mabel. I just came across your blog by chance and read about your horrible ordeal. So glad to hear she’s improving, and sending lots of positive thoughts for her continued healing.

  84. Emily H

    I’m so sorry you had to witness/go through this – Mabel seems like such a sweet, resiliant pup! I hope she recovers quickly!!

  85. Kristi

    I feel your pain and fear. Our sweet dog Nick, a husky/Lab mix, was attacked two years ago by a dog in our neighborhood, and my husband was bitten, too. It was harrowing, but they recovered and Nick is a pretty spry 14-year-old gent now. Brace yourself for Mabel’s fear, though. When the other dog’s owner stopped by to apologize again and bring treats, Nick cowered in fear just from the sight/smell of her. I’ve never seen him act that way and it broke my heart. He’s also more nervous around unfamiliar dogs, too, but is getting better about that. Brace yourself, too, for never again feeling the same when you see a loose dog running, pitbull or no.
    Leash your dogs, folks. Just leash them.
    Wish all best to you and your sweet Mabel.

  86. Jenny K

    I am so sorry to hear about this horrible experience! My heart goes out to you, Daniel, and Mabel! May God be with you and help Mabel heal. Sending you prayers and best wishes from WA.

  87. Tania

    Am sitting at my desk at work with tears welling thinking of everything you and your sweet little Mabel have been through. Sending you & Daniel hugs…and sending Mabel a lovely stroking of the ears + buckets of extra bravery/trust to get through her recovery. God Bless xx

  88. Kynley

    Oh yourstory brought tears to my eyes! I’m so very glad things are looking a little brighter. Praise God for the kindness you felt and His healing hand. My prayers are with you- I can’t imagine witnessing and going through that.

  89. marissa hermanson

    My brother had a very similar experience with his 11-pound dog and a husky. The husky attacked my brother’s puppy at a kennel. My brother was told he would lose his dog … but there was a miracle. The dog lost its eye and survived. To this day that little dog is the happiest, healthiest dog. I have complete faith that Mabel will be all right. I’m so sorry to hear that you all had to go through such a traumatic experience.

  90. Jen

    You are a beautiful human being who is inspiring on so many levels. Though it brought tears to my eyes, the beauty you were able to find in the situation means it may be my favorite post yet. I’m so glad to learn that your irresistible pup is getting better. Here’s hoping for a full recovery for all of you. I hope you continue to report her progress.

  91. Suzanne

    Reading your story breaks my heart- but I am so glad to hear that Mabel is healing. It’s amazing to see what a dog can rebound from (and us too, I suppose). We had a similar experience with our dog two years ago. Praying the memories of this fade quickly, and you can enjoy her more and more and more! How wonderful that you had so many people rallying behind you all…

    Toby, our dachshund, sends his love to Mabel!

  92. Diane

    Our beloved dogs teach us many lessons — so happy to learn she is doing well and your video brought tears to my eyes. May she bring you her joy for many years to come and if it is to be that she heads for Rainbow Bridge know she is always by your side . . . I’m so touched you have my prayers and Bearded Collie healing white light

  93. Newton's Mom

    I was choked up reading you post and in tears after seeing the video of your sweet little Mabel. Our dogs are our children at our house so we deeply sympathize with you, and will add Miss Mabel to our prayer list. Hang in there :(

  94. Dana

    I’m so behind on your blog! Being a silent reader of your bits and pieces was something I regularly did during my semesters away at college. So sorry to hear about Mabel and her accident! I hope she’s doing well again and recovering painlessly. It’s really quite miraculous how quick dogs are to heal and adapt. My own girl was hit by a car on the highway last October and lost her right front leg. When the doctor’s were positive Sunny wouldn’t make it through the night, I lost it. But there must be a watchful eye in the Heavens looking out for our loved ones, including our pups. God bless Mabel and your family! xx

  95. Maedhbh

    I honestly started to cry when I read this. I hope that Mabel recovers fully and I wish you and your family well.

  96. Lisa

    Our baby, Maggie (a German Shorthair Pointer) was attacked by a pit bull before we adopted her. She has physical and emotional scars. She is never comfortable around other dogs and actually became agressive around them – “I’ll get you first before you get me.” – even though she is a small pointer, she picks fights with bigger ones. So her foster family had to find a home for her where she would be the only dog. She is the sweetest dog ever – but is still leary around other dogs. Then, the other day I was walking her ON HER LEASH and two little dogs attacked her. I was so afraid she would get one by the neck and snap it – fortunately I was able to chase them off – but not before Maggie fell down in the street and they were on top of her. She is an old lady and not as spry as she once was. I so wish people would keep their dogs leashed or contained in their yards. What you are going through and your little baby is horrible. And because the dog owners didn’t keep their dog contained, they suffer misery, too. Keep your faith in God because He not only cares about the sparrow, He cares about our doggies, too.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Poor Maggie! Irresponsible dog owners make me so angry. Mabel used to be friendly towards all dogs, but now she is scared of them. She is fine with our other dog Oliver, thank goodness. Now I walk my dogs with dog mace and a stun gun!

  97. Emily

    Oh my, this brought tears to my eyes. I read your post while my sweet Stanley, about the same size as your Mabel, is snoozing away on my lap. I can’t even imagine how gut wrenching this experience had to have been. I enjoyed your perspective on how kindness shown to you made such an impact. One of my favorite verses is “Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn.” Sometimes we just need someone to be sad with us during hard times.

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