Thank You

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your overwhelming support and love. I don’t even know how to respond. I cried happy tears as I read through your comments on my post about Mabel’s ordeal. I am so incredibly thankful to have each of you in my life. ♥

thank you

Mabel is on the mend, slowly but surely. She seems a little better each day, and her tail just wags and wags. The doctors have even started talking to us about when she’ll be able to come home. Thank you God!



  1. Kimberly D.

    I’m so glad to hear she is getting better, please keep the updates coming! A waging tale is great news, and I’m sure Mabel can’t wait to be back home.

  2. Sally Monster

    I cried long and hard when I read your previous post (couldn’t comment because I couldn’t see.)
    It’s fantastic to hear that Mabel is improving. May that tail wag stronger every day and continue wagging long into the future.

  3. Louise

    Such a relief to here that Mabel is on the mend! It made me smile to think of her little wagging tail, hope she is back home with you soon :)

  4. Jenn

    I’m so relieved to hear that Mabel is on the mend, that’s fantastic! Your previous post broke my heart and I’m so sorry that Mabel was attacked in the first place. I’m so happy that she’ll be home soon :) Yay!

  5. April

    I feel like such a dummy, I noticed your last blog post with the title and initial picture, but I didnt get to reading it and had no idea what happened to your precious pup! I’m so sorry for what happened, that sounded terrifying and I wouldn’t wish that scenario upon anyone. I’m SOOOO happy to hear about the improvements, huzzah! Fingers crossed for improvements to keep happening steadily, sending you lots of love!

  6. Casey

    Wonderful news! I have been thinking of your family since reading about Mabel the other day. Glad to hear she’s wagging that tail! :)

  7. yoojin

    Returning from vacation I just read your post about Mabel! It was such a shock to read about it. :*( :*( I just can’t imagine how awful it must’ve felt, when she was attacked and you couldn’t do anything about it.
    I’m so happy to hear, she is feeling better and she is recovering! I pray for her and looking forward to the day she finally can return home!!! :)
    Love, Yoojin

  8. Katy

    I’m so happy to hear the outcome is moving in a positive direction. I’m sure I can speak for some of us here, we love your blog therefore we care about you and yours. Keep up the good progress Mabel!

  9. Celine

    i´m so glad to hear that things are looking a little better and I hope little Mabel is home by now. best wishes from the other side of the Atlantic.

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