Macramé Plant Hangers

Every summer the leafy trees outside block the sunshine from coming in and my houseplants suffer. I wanted to move some of them closer to the window, and I figured hanging planters were just the thing. I’ve never been crazy about ornate macramé plant hangers, but I stumbled upon some simple jute ones on Etsy and realized they were perfect. I got a single and double hanger, and I love that I can use these with any of my pots. What do you think? Would you hang macramé in your home, or is it too seventies for you?

macrame plant hangers

macrame plant hangers

macrame plant hangers

macrame plant hangers


  1. Elli

    oo, I like that double height one. I actually make my own macrame hangers, since they’re [usually] very quick and easy. Some of my designs have gotten a little out of control, and the smaller gauge twine can take a lot longer to knot. Nonetheless, here’s my recent post on my macrame plant hanger collection:

    I used some old macrame pattern books from, yes, the 70s, and my imagination. Of course, my entire house is a little retro.

  2. Teresa

    Looks great! you have such nice modern looking décor that it doesn’t look 70’s at all. I live in an outdated rental & want so badly to renovate! It would look completely 70’s in my house. What kind of plant is next to it? The super long one?

  3. Julie K.

    Love these! I would totally hang them in my house. And I don’t think they look 70s at all! When I see them, I think of just, free living. If that makes any sense. I guess that is sort of “hippie-esque” so maybe they are a bit 70s, but I like that about them. :)

  4. Colleen

    These are lovely. I love macramé hangers. Beats plastic hangers you see around these days. I wish I could find some around here. I will head to Etsy.

  5. Sarah

    Hello there, I really enjoy your blog, your photos are always so light and refreshing. Also, sorry if you’ve already answered this, but where is that white hanging bowl-like piece from? Thank you!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      My husband got them for me years ago from a shop on Etsy. I searched through my favorite shops, and I can’t seem to find the seller anymore! Does anyone else remember who makes these?

  6. Gary

    After seeing your pictures and reading the comments here I see that natural jute cord really has a look of it’s own as compared to poly cord. We were planning to add jute, hemp and cotton hangers to our store now I know we’ll do it for sure. Good to meet you.

  7. Kira

    Hello, I believe it’s Diana Fayt you’re looking for with regard to the “glowbowls” (that’s what she calls them). She has her own website shop now and no longer sells on Etsy. glowbowls

    1. Wendy

      Ack. Nevermind. I didn’t imagine that they were made specifically for ukuleles. Found one with my first google search. So sorry for asking something without first looking for it myself. Thanks for the lovely idea!

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