Four Years of Wit & Whistle!

Tomorrow is the Wit & Whistle blog’s fourth birthday, and I can hardly believe I’ve kept at it all these years! I didn’t have long term plans for my blog when I started it, but I never could’ve guessed how rewarding blogging would be. Knowing that you are all checking in encourages me to keep creating and helps me stay motivated. Thank you so much for reading and for keeping me on my toes!

Today I picked up my annual blogiversary cupcake. While standing in the bakery trying to decide which lucky cupcake I would devour I thought, “Amanda, you always get chocolate—branch out!” I chose lemon and was filled with remorse half way through eating it. I couldn’t believe I passed the triple chocolate cupcakes by. Lemon is good, but it’s no chocolate. Fortunately the remorse wasn’t strong enough to keep me from finishing the entire cupcake.

If you need a good excuse to eat a cupcake, visit your favorite bakery this weekend and eat one to help me celebrate Wit & Whistle’s blogiversary! If you instagram a shot of your cupcake and tag me (@witandwhistle), I’ll add your photo to this post with a link back to you.

wit & whistle blogiversary

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thelittleredbutton cupcake

Delicious looking celebratory cupcake eaten by Stacy of The Little Red Button! While you’re at it, check out her shop full of the most gorgeous paper bouquets!


  1. Marjory

    Congrats, Wishing you renewed sweetness and success on your path. Lovely to celebrate with a cupcake. Might have to join you, I’m craving a red velvet one! :)

  2. Chris Pridmore

    Big congratulations on your 4 years of blogging! It scared me a little, because the picture of the cake has the candles blown out… like, it was the end of your blogging! I was left feeling a little sad that it could be over… so heres to another four more years of interesting, heart warming and hilarious blogging! Hopefully with more videos *hint hint* x

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Sorry for the scare! Don’t worry, the candles were blown out because I made a wish. ;) Oh, and yes to more videos!

  3. Emilija

    Big congratulations, Amanda!!! :)
    I’m not a blogger or a blog reader, but your blog is the only one that I love so much that I had read almost all of it and I keep checking for new posts every few days. Thank you very much for inspiring me! Keep on Wit & Whistling ! :)

    And I don’t care if it’s too late, tomorrow I’m gonna bake something delicious and dedicate it to Wit & Whistle! :D

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