Duke Gardens

Earlier this summer Daniel and I visited Duke Gardens. I had been once before way back in high school, but I can appreciate it so much more now that I’ve tried my hand at gardening and understand how challenging it is to transform a landscape. There are ponds, streams, picturesque bridges, fountains, winding trails, and all sorts of beautiful plants and flowers. We meandered around for an hour or two and still didn’t see everything. I’d like to revisit the gardens multiple times throughout the year, because I’m sure they transform completely as the seasons change.

Flowers are some of my favorite things to photograph. I think my camera picks up even more detail than my eyes can. See how the center of the flower in this first photo is brimming with tiny stars?

Duke Gardens North Carolina

Duke Gardens North Carolina

Duke Gardens North Carolina

Duke Gardens North Carolina

Duke Gardens North Carolina

Duke Gardens North Carolina


  1. Hannah

    When we lived in Durham and worked at Duke the gardens were my favourite place to go. A lemonade from the little garden café and a picnic on the lawn by the ponds? The best afternoon ever.

  2. Julie K.

    Lovely pictures! I’ve been lucky enough in my life that my parents really loved gardening and they transformed our backyard from fence-to-fence grass to a yard full of beautiful flowers and landscaping. It’s a really lovely place to sit.

  3. Joanna

    It must have been beautiful I’d love to go there & get my sketchbook out. I’ve been pretty obsessed with gardens since I visited Monet’s garden earlier this monthxx

  4. Laura @ luckypennylove.com

    Beautiful photos. I like to visit our local desert botanical garden just to be reminded of the beauty that exists even in this desert I live in. Can’t wait for our weather to cool down so I can take the camera out there again. And I agree that the camera picks up things that our eyes do not!

    Laura @ luckypennylove.com

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Oh nice, I’ve never even seen a desert garden! That must be so different than the gardens here.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I can’t remember exactly since I don’t usually think about that sort of thing. ;) There are a fair amount of steps since it’s hilly in places. Here’s what they say regarding wheelchair accessibility—that’s kind of the same thing, right? https://gardens.duke.edu/visit/accessibility

    2. Bekah

      Duke Gardens is very kid and stroller friendly. Lots of families head out there on the weekends. There are a few areas where it might be trickier to maneuver (on the boardwalk bridge, for one) but there are other paths close by that let you see/get to the same scenes without having to use steps. The ducks are a sure bet for kid entertainment; be sure to check out the springtime garden when the ducklings arrive! The garden is also dog-friendly, if canines are part of your family, too.

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