Last week there was a ton of okra in our produce delivery, so I tried this oven fried okra recipe. It turned out great, and I savored every last crispy delicious piece. The best part of making my own fried okra (besides eating it) was how beautiful the slices were! I had no idea what the inside of okra pods looked like. I’d only ever seen the slices covered in batter and fried (I live in the south after all). I got really excited about my bowl full of hairy green pinwheels, and set a few pods aside to slice up and photograph later. Of course some sketching ensued too!

okra slices

okra slices

okra slices

okra sketch

What’s your favorite way to eat okra?


  1. Maya

    I love okra with all my heart! I love to roast the smaller ones in the oven with a light coating of olive oil and salt – no need to slice them. Delicious!

  2. Jamie

    the sketch looks lovely, and now I’m craving okra. we always sautee ours in a pan with a little salt + pepper and cornmeal, then crack and egg on top to fry -breakfast!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      The ruffled looking plate is from Anthropologie. The white and yellow plate is vintage.

  3. Shirley

    Okra! Not much calling for it here in Australia. Funny I should read your post today as I had a tomato based Okra and Coriander(cilantro?) Fish Bouillon for lunch. A specialty of my mums. Love the sketch too!

  4. Ginger

    Of course you see art in sliced okra…and it is art, at least the way you sketch it! I am always amazed at your artists’ eye :)

  5. Janick - Nea

    First, your pictures are always delightful! :)

    This is a food we don’t see often here in Montreal and that we know not much about. I very rarely see some at food markets, but it happens once in a long while.

    I’ve tasted some ONCE, and it was at a southern United States style restaurant (the only one in the city I’m pretty sure) called Dinette Triple Crown. Was delishhhh!!!

  6. susi davis

    I am so inspired by your photos and art, the way the cause me to see something beautiful in slices of okra that I’ve never seen when I looked at them until I see your photo and drawings of them.

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