On a Roll

I’m cranking out new designs like a maniac! Don’t you love it when you’re on a roll? Lately it seems like all my ideas are coming together just like I want them to. I try to savor these creative rushes, because they don’t come often enough. I could barely tear myself away from my sketchbook long enough to write this post. I’ll be adding a bunch of new goods to the shop in a few weeks!

messy desk


  1. Chris Pridmore

    I’ve had a creative slump for far too long now. We’re just coming out of winter, and the weather is so much warmer and beautiful now, and I can feel lots of change happening. It’s about time, too! So glad you’re maximising your creative output! The designs look beautiful.

  2. Julie K.

    I love your work so much! I’m just in awe every time you post something new. I really love the “vintage text message” card… haha! Too cute (and true!).

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