A fence and a bench

It’s going to be wintertime before I know it, so I have to squeeze in another garden update while I still can!

A few weekends ago Daniel and I installed a fence along our front garden. The wrought iron look compliments our tudor-style home nicely, and it protects my flowers (and shoes) from dog poo piles left by passersby. Win-win! You can buy the “no dig” fence panels and posts from Lowes. They’re light weight powder-coated steel, but they look like wrought iron. We just had to hammer the posts into the ground and slide the panels over them, so it only took us 4–5 hours to install about 80 feet of fencing. I’m going to see if I can get an Eden climbing rose to start growing up the fence next spring!

install a wrought iron fence

We added a bench to the garden, too. It’s great to have a place to sit down, rest, and have a drink in between digging holes. Plus, just having a bench there makes the whole garden seem more inviting.

tudor garden bench

The grass seed I spread a couple weeks ago is sprouting so soft and so green! Is there anything cuter than baby grass? Maybe baby grass with a litter of puppies tumbling around on it.

sprouting grass seed


  1. mireya pizarro

    I love your garden. I imagine a place like this where I can sit after a long day and unwind. Or after a great day and sip some tea taking in the beauty and thinking how grateful I am for it all. It must me nice…

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