I asked my friend, Michelle Smith, if I could snap some photos to share of her new space in Cary, North Carolina. I think you’ll love it! She created this magical place called Gather—a combination coworking space, coffee/tea shop, and boutique featuring local makers. Gather also offers classes to teach everything from cake decorating and hand lettering to writing press releases and product branding. It’s basically a one stop shop for getting plugged in to the creative community. On top of all that, it’s gorgeous in there—incredibly stylish but still nice and homey. Just the kind of place I’d like to curl up with my sketchbook and a cup of tea.

Tonight there’s a party at Gather from 5–10pm! All merchandise will be 20% off (perfect for holiday shopping) and the Will & Pop’s food truck and Oscar William’s Gourmet Cotton Candy will be there, not to mention beer and a band. Not too shabby for a Thursday night. See you there?

Gather: Coworking/Coffee Shop/Boutique in Cary, NC

Gather: Coworking/Coffee Shop/Boutique in Cary, NC

Gather: Coworking/Coffee Shop/Boutique in Cary, NC

Gather: Coworking/Coffee Shop/Boutique in Cary, NC

Gather: Coworking/Coffee Shop/Boutique in Cary, NC

Gather: Coworking/Coffee Shop/Boutique in Cary, NC

Gather: Coworking/Coffee Shop/Boutique in Cary, NC

Gather: Coworking/Coffee Shop/Boutique in Cary, NC

Hey Raleigh/Durham/Cary people! For a while now I’ve been toying with the idea of planning a meet-up for local Wit & Whistle readers. Conveniently Gather has a conference room available for rent. I think it would be fun for a small group of us to get together for an hour or two to chat while working on whatever (portable) creative projects we have in progress, whether it be drawing, calligraphy, sewing, knitting, jewelry making, etc… It would be a great way to meet some fellow creative types, and I’m betting we’d all become fast friends. If we enjoy ourselves we could talk about making it a monthly thing. I’m not really sure if this is a good idea or if I’m just being weird, but the thought keeps nagging at me so I wanted to get it out there. Leave a comment below or send me a message to let me know if you’d be interested in meeting-up early next year, and I’ll email you if it’s going to happen!


  1. brett

    Michelle is the best. What she has made of Gather is absolutely amazing and such a nice space to look at.

    P.S. You, Jessica and myself should grab coffee sometime!

  2. caren stuart

    I love your blog, Amanda! I love your photos and I love your idea about a creative meet-up! Count me in!(Apparently I’m in a LOVEly mood today! And I seem to be enamored with exclamation marks as well… always good to be enthusiastic, right?) Thanks for the dose of beautiful craftiness!

  3. Jenna

    YESSS! I’m in the works of starting up a fashion/lifestyle blog and it would be so awesome to work around people who could give creative input and that could just get together and chat! I am SO down for this idea!

  4. Phaedra Jean

    I recently discovered Michelle’s space, Gather, and then your blog, by finding out about the Rock and Shop Market on Pinterest. I’m so excited to find fellow creatives right in my area. I’d love to come to a meet- up! Sitting around, chatting, and doing some handwork with other lovely folks, sounds just delightful. I love your work & blog, and I can’t wait to see Gather in person. Thrilled to have stumbled upon you both!

  5. kristin

    i would love to join. i’m over there pretty regularly as is, but it would be fun to meet up with some cool creative folks. count me in! and great article — gather is so very lovely!

  6. Niquelle

    Oh, what a quaint little shop! How I wish I could join you for creative get-togethers filled with inspiration and budding friendships! Maybe one day when the hubs and I relocate to our favorite state – NC!

  7. Sarah rose storm

    This place is my kind of hangout! Looks inspiring. I am blessed to live near so wonderful little shops like this. So important to support these stores who support local artisans. Thanks very much for sharing. Hope I can visit someday. I adore your blog!

  8. Justine

    Hey Amanda! I’m a newbee to your site/blog and loving it! Your friends new place looks amazing! If only I didn’t live in the UK :( If I am ever in North Carolina It will be top of my list to visit!

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