New Around the House

Recently I got a few new things for the house and took some photos. Oliver insisted on being photographed, so there he is striking a pose! He always sticks his leg out like that. So funny.

I’ve been crushing on these Jayden Metal Shelves from World Market for a while. Right now they are 25% off, so I gave in. There are so many uses for rolling shelves. For now mine are holding plants, but soon they’ll end up in my studio filled with art supplies and such.

jayden metal shelf unit

I added a ruffled bird’s nest fern to my houseplant collection. I usually can’t keep ferns alive inside, so we’ll see how long it lasts. (The other two plants in the photo are a chinese money plant and a Meyer lemon tree.)

Jayden Metal Shelf Unit via Wit & Whistle

We used to have an IQ light hanging in this hallway, but it started burning out light bulbs every few weeks and needed to be replaced. I had my eye on this Foxed Mirror Faceted Pendant from West Elm, but ended up getting the much less expensive Triple Tiered Pendant Shade from Urban Outfitters. I love the view down the hallway with the brass shade and my tripod planter in the background. Oliver loves it too.

Brass Triple Tiered Pendant Shade via Wit & Whistle


  1. Holly

    How do you like that light?! I have had that in my cart for a couple weeks hesitant to pull the plug (for our nursery), but do you love it?! I currently have a boob light that’s hideous, so anything is better really, but would this light look good mounted close to the ceiling? What are your thoughts since you’ve seen it in person? Thanks Amanda!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Ahh boob lights, gotta love ’em. I’ve still got one in the basement that needs replacing. I don’t think this light would work very well for the main light source in a large room, although it would look good mounted close to the ceiling. I think it’s more of an accent light. It doesn’t put off a ton of light and the light it does put off is cast in strange shadows. It works fine in our hallway or would be okay in a small bathroom. I guess it depends on how big your nursery is. ;)

  2. Irena

    I am happy that Oliver insistet on being photographed! :)
    I had a dog and she was sitting exactly the same. We joked that she can not sit properly. But I guess it is just the way perfect and cute dogs sit ;)

  3. Marsha

    My dog sits like that too!

    You’ve inspired me to pick up some house plants this weekend. They really brighten up the room. Also, did you buy the cart from the physical store or did you order it online?

  4. Adrienne

    OHMYGOSH!!!!! I’ve been searching and searching for a Chinese Money Plant and see that you are around Raleigh/Durham. Where did you get yours??!!!!!

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