Terrarium Replanting

The big terrarium I put together two years ago desperately needed replanting. See? My aloe plant was trying to escape!

terrarium replanting

I don’t really have enough light for succulents, but I get them anyway and just replace them when they start getting leggy and sparse. This time around I planted non-succulents.

terrarium replanting

I chose plants with different leaf sizes and colors, and I made sure they all had the same light and water requirements.

terrarium replanting

terrarium replanting

In case you missed it here’s how I made my little terrarium mushrooms, and here are my basic terrarium planting instructions.

terrarium replanting

Now, let’s see if I can keep these alive for 2 years!


  1. kate

    Very pretty! Please keep us posted on how those baby’s tears do in your terrarium. I’ve tried them in a terrarium twice and they not only took over, but they grew up and out of the glass vessels. I’m convinced I’m just doing something wrong.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Oh my goodness! I tried growing them outside of a terrarium before, and they dried out and died within a week. So I’m hoping they’ll do better under glass. I’ll update if anything crazy happens. :)

    2. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      So… a week later and my baby’s tears are dead again. I have no idea what went wrong this time either. I’ve never had a plant die so fast!

  2. Toni Freda

    So pretty!! I am Co-Owner of Piccola Pianta. We create custom terrariums & are teaching a terrarium workshop at the West Elm in Burlington, MA on April 27th at 11am! We are so excited and love seeing people bringing these beautifully bottled landscapes into their own homes!! Great job!

  3. Gloria

    I have the same trouble you have as far as lighting for my plants. I need to knot which plants I can use in a terriam. Hope you can help me out. Thanks!

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