15 Day Drawing Challenge: Week 1

I am insanely happy that so many of you joined me on my 15 Day Drawing Challenge! Browsing through your drawings has absolutely made my week (head over to instagram and search the tag #15DayDrawingChallenge to admire everybody’s work). Here are my drawings from the first week…

1. a pattern: inspired by the ceiling at the National Gallery of Art ceiling in DC

Wit & Whistle 15 Day Drawing Challenge: Week 1

2. an animal: a sad bear (who will most likely end up on a card at some point)

Wit & Whistle 15 Day Drawing Challenge: Week 1

3. your favorite thing to wear: these boots (I’d wear them every day if only spring and summer didn’t exist.)

Wit & Whistle 15 Day Drawing Challenge: Week 1

4. something you found on the ground outside: mutant broccoli things (They fall from the trees in the spring and make me sneeze.)

Wit & Whistle 15 Day Drawing Challenge: Week 1

5. recipe instructions: an excellent example of “draw something today even if it sucks” (Yikes.)

Wit & Whistle 15 Day Drawing Challenge: Week 1


    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks Jenny! Well, if you draw 100% sucky stuff over and over again, then the suck percentage will decrease as you practice! ;)

  1. Shannon Baker

    Love them! I’m trying to be better at drawing regularly, I go through spurts where my pencils collect dust. How do you stay motivated!
    I did just post some fun little sketches on my blog!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Wow, I love your drawing style Shannon! I stay motivated by doing things like inventing 15 day drawing challenges for myself, haha. ;)

  2. Rachael

    Wow I’m surprised you don’t like the recipe drawing…that is a very unique way to create a recipe. Love this sketch especially. I’d buy a cookbook if it had drawings like these! You are talented.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks a lot Rachael! It’s mostly the arrows I don’t like on that one, and my writing looks sloppy. I do like how the evaporated milk can turned out. :)

  3. Melanie

    I love this series!! I’ve been wanting to get better at hand lettering, so I’ve started a similar project of my own, hand lettering everyday. It’s great to see that even an artist I admire has hits and misses (though I still do love that recipe drawing!).

  4. Dusty

    love the recipe instructions! and that adorable sad bear!! I am enjoying this 15 day challenge. Only for me it may turn into a month long challenge (just too busy with wedding planning! eek!). Thanks for the illustration inspiration! haha :)

  5. Mireya Pizarro

    Not sure I emailed this right?

    Here it is.
    I love this idea and the pictures are amazing! So you are drawing a picture a week? How did you become so good? Your bear is so detailed and amazing! I would love to learn how to draw like this. I guess it is all about practice right. I assume you scan this or live trace it so you can work with it in illustrator. Guess I better start my list of what to draw. I have a list of topics and projects I am working on.

    Thanks again for sharing this. As I have said you inspire me! Happy Easter!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I didn’t get your email so thanks for posting it here! The idea of the drawing challenge is to draw one thing a day for 3 weeks (taking the weekends off). I have been drawing since I was a little kid, so all that practice has added up over the years. :) If you need ideas of things to draw, here’s the full drawing challenge list: https://witandwhistle.com/2014/04/10/15-day-drawing-challenge/ Happy Easter to you too!

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