15 Day Drawing Challenge: Week 2

Here are my drawings for week two! I added a dab of color this time around. One more week to go! Don’t forget to browse everyone’s drawings on instagram (#15daydrawingchallenge) for more inspiration.

6. a word: “ACHOO” (Gotta love those spring allergies.)

15 day drawing challenge: week 2

7. an insect: butterflies

15 day drawing challenge: week 2

8. a cross section: tree guts

15 day drawing challenge: week 2

9. an animal doing something only humans can do: a beekeeping bear

15 day drawing challenge: week 2

10. something in a jar: a baby owl

15 day drawing challenge: week 2

– drawings 1–5 from week one are here
– the complete drawing challenge is here


  1. Aubrey

    I really love this series of yours Amanda! The bear one is just beautiful! And the owl in the jar is adorable. Thank you for sharing your work. Cheers, Aubrey

  2. Elli

    #8 reminds me of Bryan Nash Gill’s tree cross-section prints (his book is called “Woodcut”). I bought his notecards because each tree had a story, and they make fantastic birthday cards…

  3. nicole neesby

    i’m officially addicted to your blog!! AMAZING!!!

    also do you have any books or sites for someone who has zero ziltcho experience with drawing but who really wants to start?!


    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog Nicole! I don’t have any drawing book or site recommendations. The best thing is just to keep practicing and you’ll improve naturally, that’s what I’ve always done! :)

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