15 Day Drawing Challenge: Week 3

15 Day Drawing Challenge complete! Well, mostly. This week has been so crazy that I had to cheat a little and combine days 11 and 12. I found some old colored pencils that I forgot I had and played around with them a bit. I love the smell of colored pencils! Don’t you? It takes me right back to the collection of pencil shavings I kept when I was a weird kid.

Thank you to everyone who joined my 15 Day Drawing Challenge. You guys are the best! Don’t forget to look at everybody’s drawings on Instagram (#15DayDrawingChallenge). If you missed the challenge, just start it whenever it’s convenient. There’s no deadline for spending some quality time with your sketchbook!

11. a diagram + 12. something you’re afraid of: a roach (It was so hard to even draw this. I kept getting creeped out.)

15 day drawing challenge: week 3

13. a plant: a cactus (Because they’re so darn cute.)

15 day drawing challenge: week 3

14. your favorite food: asparagus (Well, it’s my favorite non-chocolate food.)

15 day drawing challenge: week 3

15. something microscopic: marram grass (Click here to google image search “microscopic marran grass” and be amazed.)

15 day drawing challenge: week 3

– drawings 1–5 from week one are here
– drawings 6–10 from week two are here
– the complete drawing challenge is here


  1. Rachael

    This is such great exercise for an artist – I might try one with painting – Feeling a little uninspired and it will force me to get back to enjoying my work – You are so talented Amanda, your drawings look great!

  2. Mnêmosunê

    These drawings are so detailed ! How do you do that and be so patient?
    At first I intended to try you challenge, but I’m afraid I’m not so talented as you are… Well, maybe with a little (huge?) practice I can produce something…

  3. Jellacle

    Just discovered this. I have been drawing by copying other artist’s work. This will give me a chance to try to draw some things on my own. no where near your skill, but who cares, drawing is fun.

  4. Debi Humphrey

    I love the idea of your challenging us to draw. I don’t draw very well at all, but I have recently starting collaging in my “art journal,” and I will accept this challenge to draw as well. I have a good eye; my collages are improving, and I think they’re kinda pretty, but I don’t have a good “hand” for drawing. Oh well, I guess I can practice, right? As long as it’s fun, who cares how it looks? I think I have let my lack of natural drawing ability inhibit my creativity. We all have to be creative in some way; it’s an outlet. I’m learning that if I like what I create, it doesn’t matter if anyone else likes it or not. Thank you for this encouragement!

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