Sketchbook Flip Through

I filled up another sketchbook, so here’s a quick cover to cover flip through. Whenever it’s time for me to get a new sketchbook I’m always a little nervous, because I have no idea what I’m going to fill it with. Somehow it always gets filled though, so I guess I shouldn’t worry about it too much!

(Click “HD” to watch the video larger and in high definition—otherwise it’s pretty blurry!)

Music: “an inherited record collection” by Lullatone (Buy one of their albums—so great!)


  1. Kym

    What an awesome video and a cool idea to show off your sketchbook! If I had a finished sketchbook I would love to display it this way :)

  2. abby

    This is amazing! I would kill for my sketchbook to look so good on every single page. I love your creativity and lettering! Thanks for sharing with us. PS:I love your chair too!

  3. kari

    What a fun way of sharing! I can’t believe how many of the sketches look like polished, finished drawings. My sketchbook looks ever so much more sketchy and so much less show-worthy.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Well, that’s because I sketch first in pencil and then go over my drawings with ink. The ink makes them look a lot more finished! :)

  4. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

    Thank you everyone SO much for your lovely comments! This is such wonderful encouragement to have as I begin a new sketchbook, and it means so much!

  5. Rod

    I loved every second of it! At one point, your page turning synced with the beat of the music!(weird thing to point out, but I am weird so it’s okay:)) Haha!
    Always a pleasure.

  6. Sara

    I stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest, I first saw the 15 day drawing challenge which was great and I’ve loved looking through your finished sketchbook! Thank you for sharing.

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