Mürren, Switzerland

Daniel and I traveled to Europe last week, but you already knew that if you follow me on instagram! We spent several days in Mürren, Switzerland, a few in Bellagio, Italy, and then headed back to Switzerland for a couple days in Lucerne. Below are a handful of our photos from around the Mürren area. I’ll share some from Bellagio and Lucerne in upcoming weeks.

Mürren is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been—exactly how I imagined Switzerland would be! It’s a tiny village perched precariously on a steep mountainside in the Bernese Oberland. The mountainside is so steep in fact, that you can only get there by cable car, so the town is automobile-free. I never realized how much noise traffic created until being in a town without cars. It was so quiet I could’ve heard a butterfly sneeze.

Murren, Switzerland

The village faces a wall of unimaginably tall snowy mountain peaks. I didn’t grasp from photos just how enormous they really are. I could only understand their magnitude once I was there looking up at them with my mouth hanging open.

Murren, Switzerland

The village streets are lined with quaintly rugged buildings with dark stained wood siding, brightly painted shutters, and window boxes overflowing with blooms. Nearly every home has a beautiful garden, and every bit of untended land on the mountain is overrun with wildflowers. All the cows wear bells, and I loved falling asleep each night listening to their soft ringing from a nearby pasture.

Murren, Switzerland

Murren, Switzerland

Murren, Switzerland

Murren, Switzerland

We feasted on rösti as often as we could (a yummy Swiss potato dish topped with absurd amounts of warm melty cheese), and took advantage of the many hiking trails in Mürren and in surrounding towns.

Murren, Switzerland

Murren, Switzerland

Murren, Switzerland

We enjoyed some sunny weather and endured some rainy weather. The sun made for better views, but riding cable cards and gondolas through the clouds was delightfully eerie.

Murren, Switzerland

I hope we get to go back again someday, and next time we’ll stay much longer!


  1. Ashley

    I went to Mürren and Grindelwald in the fall. It’s so difficult to capture the scale and beauty of the mountains and valleys, but you did it so wonderfully! The cow bells were also a favorite of mine!

  2. Deresa

    I really feel like you should bust out in song with the dandelion pic. “The hills are alive with the sound of music.” Beautiful. :) looks like it was a completely awesome trip. I think I would have enjoyed the cow bell lullaby too. My favorite thing about living in Germany was hearing the church bells chime all the time. It was a soothing thing at night to hear them and nothing else. You make me want to visit Switzerland!

  3. Kelly J. R.

    OMG – I need to go there. How magical. Reminds me of Yoho National Park in the Canadian Rockies but the mountains in Switzerland are a wee big bigger. I bet the hiking is incredible there as well.

  4. andrea

    so happy you liked it here in Switzerland. It’s always a little bit confusing to see people from America visiting this small country and being so amazed. :)
    The mountains are such a magical place. I try to go hiking as much as possible.

    And yay for Rösti. If you want to know how to do it, I can tell you. It’s such an easy recipe but always very good.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I would love to know how to make Rösti!! Please do tell! :)

  5. Lara

    My husband and I spent a few days in Gimmelwald, right down the gondola track from Murren, two years ago. It truly was magical. We bought groceries in Murren, and I remember so many beautiful flowers spilling out of rock walls…and of course, the mountains. Your pictures make me ache to go back!

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