Homemade Pickles

I made pickles last week! I think homemade pickles are so pretty floating around in their jars with all that dill. Don’t you? I followed this simple refrigerator dill pickle recipe, but I had to wing it a bit on the measurements. The recipe doesn’t go into much detail about things like how the heck you should measure cucumber spears in cups, or how big the heads of dill should be. My pickles aren’t bad, but I wish they were saltier, and next time I will err on the side of using way too much dill rather than too little.

Have you ever made pickles? Do you even like pickles? If you don’t like pickles, wouldn’t you still make them just to see all those pretty pickles bobbing around in a jar?

homemade pickle recipe

homemade pickle recipe

homemade pickle recipe

homemade pickle recipe


    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Yes, me too, please share! I’d love to try a pickling recipe with more flavor. :)

  1. Katie Mee

    You’re pickles so pretty. I think pickles are wonderful. My husband and I sort of tried to make our own. We really just took a cucumber and threw it in a jar with some vinegar and and spices—no recipe and only half caring. I really want to try the recipe you found and see how they work out. Like you said, at least they’ll be really pretty in the jar.

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